"Trust the Science"

Israeli COVID Deaths Are Worse After The Shot Rollouts. Huge Spike in Death Immediately After 3rd Shots. 'Trust The Science'.

Israel Is One of The Most COVID Vaxxed Nations Yet Has More Deaths in 2021 than in 2020. The level of COVID deaths shot up after they rolled out their 3rd shots - similar to so many nations who saw increased deaths after the shots.

As you can see, the number of positive tests and deaths for COVID19 in Israel is dramatically higher in 2021 than was the case in 2020. This is despite 82% of the Israeli population having received at least one shot. This is very clear evidence that the experimental COVID shots are nowhere near as effective as the manufacturers have claimed.

So much evidence points to potentially criminal behaviour involved here that it is difficult to even convey in one post. The leaked contract from Pfizer makes clear how biased the relationship is between governments and the giant pharmaceutical company with a record of receiving giant fines for falsifying scientific data to make their products seem better than they are.

With so many people dying from the shots it is hardly surprising that the amount of deaths attributed to COVID19 is high in Israel. As we can see in the following graph, the big upswing in death occurred just after the 3rd shot was rolled out.

Unfortunately, we remain stuck with the most longstanding epidemic in human history - the epidemic of DENIAL.

No matter how much evidence is presented to many people, they will not changed their viewpoint. No matter how much damage is done by these experimental shots, there will still be large numbers of people calling them a success.

This recent news clip from Australia makes clear that the real desire for some people is to be told things are 'good' even when they know it to be a lie!

The reality is that nothing on earth will improve and we will not evolve from mediocrity to greatness until denial ends. We need to be diligent in ensuring that every thought which we hold to be true is felt into and checked for the presence of denial in order to get closer to actual truth and therefore to health on all levels!

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