COVID19 IN FRANCE: Cops Remove Unvaccinated Medics After They Are Fired

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This video has surfaced today on social media, proporting to be from Marseille in France. It allgedly shows heavily armoured police violently removing medical staff from their place of work, having been fired due to rejecting experimental COVID19 shots.

The French government and police have consistently shown the world their contempt for free will and their willingness to treat the French population's desires as irrelevant in so many ways. The french people have been protesting and rioting for a long list of reasons, literally for years - with the arguably cruel and extreme COVID19 control policies being only the most recent.

When it comes to medical staff being removed from employment by force in the name of 'healthcare' - we have to think carefully about whether the government actions are really motivated by health or care! This is, on one level, 'democracy' in action - which is literlaly just violent mob rule where the majority dominates minorities. On another hand it is very likely that this is rule making designed by pharmaceutical corporation controllers - working behind the scenes with others to bias outcomes in their own favour.

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Ura Soul

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