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US Military Medical Database (DMED) Shows Massive Injury / Death Caused by Pfizer COVID19 Shots.

This short video makes clear that the data which I and others have exposed from the US Vaccine Adverse Events Tracker (VAERS) and similar trackers in Europe, Australia and elsewhere, that shows massive injury/death caused by the experimental COVID19 shots is accurate.
The US DMED database is a US military system designed to provide the highest quality information on illness and treatments (plus adverse reactions), upon which US national security relies.
The database exclusively contains US military staff health records and is only able to be input into by expert medical staff. As a result, it is not possible for naysayers to reject the data from DMED as being possibly tainted by false information by unqualified or malicious actors.

The data presented here was highlighted by lawyers acting on behalf of the many people (and families of those) injuried or killed by the experimental COVID19 shots. They state clearly that the data unequivically confirms the data from VAERS and other systems - showing that large numbers of people have been seriously injured, many permanently, and many killed as a result of opting in to the ongoing public trials of the COVID19 shots. These trials have been criminally passed off as not being trials at all, when they clearly are. This is also clearly a major violation of the Nuremberg code, codified after World War 2 as the basis for global medical ethics. At the very least, these shots have killed massively more people than any other shot likely has in recorded histoy, and yet to this day, the controlled mainstream media and corrupt 'healthcare experts' setting policies for governments continue to compeltely deny the truth here. They have good reason to, since their behaviour amounts to Treason in many jurisdictions and could result in their execution.

Of course, absolutely nothing will happen if YOU and others don't pay close attention and make the called for changes in order to prevent the continued vampiric exploitation of humanity. Please watch, upvote and share!

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