UK GOV Admits Many Hundreds Have Died From COVID19 Shots During Hearing For 'Vaccine Damage Bill'

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As I have clearly demonstrated in recent weeks and months using government data, a potentially huge number of people have died from the COVID19 experimental shots. This video demonstrates that the UK government are well aware.

We may never know how many healthy people die from the use of the experimental COVID19 shots - whether it be from very common heart attacks, strokes, blood clots or other causes. As my recent post made very clear, the actual number of deaths from the shots may exceed the number of deaths logged for COVID19. When we consider the testimony of numerous experts who have said that the PCR tests used to measure COVID19 cases are wildly inaccurate and that the actual number of cases may be tiny in comparison to the alleged number.. We see that this entire catastrophe may well involve massively more people dying from the shots and malpractice than could ever have died from any disease.

In this video, the COVID19 Vaccine Damage Bill is discussed by MPs, which seeks to arrange compensation for victims of vaccine injury (or their families in the case of deaths). While the number of deaths believed to be involved is potentially only a small fraction of the actual number, they have at least publicly acknowledged that many have died (and will continue to die) as a result of the shots.

For testimony of how inaccurate the UK data on adverse reactions to shots, see this video of a frontline GP and politician. She states that almost no Doctors even know there is an adverse reaction database and so data is absolutely certainly wrong. She was sacked shortly after making this statement.

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