Displacing Breast Ptosis Myths with Scientific Facts.

The internet was on fire last year when a young fast-rising superstar climbed the stage, she claimed to be 21 years old, but mouths could not stop wagging about how she looked older than her age and questions kept popping up about how a 21-year-old young lady had completely saggy boobs like a woman who is in her 40's. One thing about Africans, particularly Nigerians, is the fact that everyone tries to claim modesty when in reality, the major populace is simply trying to hide their bad sides, it is also strongly believed that breastfeeding should be the only reason why any woman should have saggy boobs. The condemnation coming for this young lady was really extreme, from my own little gained knowledge, I knew there were some natural factors that could result in saggy boobs at a young age and I told everyone who cared to listen, even if a lot of them argued with me. In order to avoid being made an object of scorn, most women would seek a breast lifting option, some may turn out safe while others pose serious danger to their health.


Through this post, I will highlight some of the possible reasons behind a saggy boob, the possible solutions, and the downsides associated, relax and enjoy the read sweet friends.

The breast of a woman comes in different sizes and shapes, this shape and size can be subjected to changes over time. The breast is made up of tissues and fats, there is also a copper ligament responsible for the lifting of breasts, when this copper ligament stretches and begins to lose elasticity, the breast is undoubtedly subjected to getting deflated. 1 The changes that happens to a woman's breast may not necessarily come with any form of danger, but it could, however, decrease the level of confidence the woman has. From this point, we will use the term ''breast ptosis'' in place of saggy boobs since this is the scientific description for the term.

The possible factors contributing to breast ptosis are;

Smoking: Proteins are extremely important in the body, collagen happens to be one of the most important proteins in the body, and this protein is responsible for the maintenance of skin elasticity, but smoking would affect the production of collagen and certainly result in a saggy breast eventually.

Absence of upper body exercise: Most women avoid exercising the upper body maybe because they see no reason for it, but the absence of upper body exercise could actually lead to a saggy breast. Doing upper body exercises, would tighten the breast muscle and make the breast more firm.

Incorrect posture: Even if a lot of people consider this factor a myth, according to Dr. Surabhi Siddhartha, muscles and ligaments get loosened up as a result of bad posture, and certainly, this would result in a saggy breast.


Drastic weight loss: The breast definitely contains lots of fat, whenever there is a drastic weight loss, the counter of the breast chances making excessive skin sag.

Breastfeeding: Medical experts advise that exercise should be done before and after breastfeeding. After lactation, the fat shell shrinks, at that point, shrinking takes place. During breastfeeding, a lot of women avoid putting on bras and this is because of the discomfort that comes with it. However, the breast needs some type of support at this point, and wearing a bra should be taken seriously even while breastfeeding, although it has to be comfortable but not too tight.

Gene: If parents or grandparents have low strength of ligaments, it could be inherited, resulting in a saggy breast. Gene plays a very important role when it comes to the determination of cooper's ligament. 1

Other factors include;

  • High BMI.
  • Age.
  • Inappropriate bra size.
  • A drastic weight loss.
  • Weight loss during pregnancy.


Can saggy breast be prevented?

We mentioned that certain cases of having saggy boobs could be inherited, this means it may not be preventable on certain occasions, but based on your own capability, the breast could be prevented from getting slacked, by following the following methods;

  • Consume lots of water: Water will help maintain healthy skin and certainly preserve the elastic nature of the skin and of course the boobs as well.

  • Get a healthy weight: Having a healthy, balanced weight through getting adequate exercise, and proper healthy feeding habits would help in the maintenance of the boobs.

  • Good posture: Having a good standing/sitting posture, but sitting and standing with a straight back, shoulders lifted upwards position, would help give the breast some sort of a natural lift.

*Quit smoking: The choice not to smoke is definitely healthy for the breast and should be avoided if possible.

There have been lots of solutions to the saggy breast issue, let's explore some of the available solutions to saggy breasts.

Breast Involution: The process of breast involution is the act of having the breast return to the way they use to be before pregnancy or after breastfeeding. After about six months of breastfeeding, the boobs should naturally appear similar in size to how they used to be before pregnancy, but in some cases, they could appear either larger or smaller. Serious breast involution may be a huge cosmetic problem, but it is certainly not a medical problem.

Surgery: Surgery is the most common and fast result option for saggy boobs, if you are a woman who is breastfeeding or still wants to breastfeed in the future, you should discuss it with your plastic surgeon before going ahead with it. In a surgical procedure, the surgeon takes away excessive skin and then reshapes the breast tissue in order to raise the breast, the process of breast lifting is also known as mastopexy. There are some risks associated with breast lifting, some of them are;

  • Difficult breastfeeding: There are women who still breastfeed their child/children after a breast lifting procedure, but some women may find it extremely difficult to produce sufficient breast milk, so if you still want to breastfeed, you may need to have a re-think before getting a breast lifting surgery done.
  • Changes in breast sensation: After the surgery procedure, most women complain about sensational loss around the nipple and even the breast region, this sensational feeling returns for some women after some weeks but for others, the feeling is usually a permanent one.

  • Unequal breast sizes: The changes done during the process of healing, could result in having different sizes of breasts.

  • Scarring: There would be scars after a breast lifting process, some of the scars may be permanent, but others would get soften and then fade probably after 1-2 years, when there is a poor healing procedure, these scars could become thick and wide.

  • Partial or total nipple loss: During a breast lifting process, there could be a supply of blood stop to the nipple region, and sensation loss would typically return within a few weeks, but there are times when there is a complete loss of the nipple or the areola.

  • Infection.

Before your breast lifting procedure, the surgeon may advise;

Schedule a mammogramYour surgeon may schedule a mammogram procedure for you more than once, in order to observe possible changes in breast tissues.

Maintain healthy weight: You may have to consider eating healthy as well as maintaining a healthy weight, regular exercise may also help in this regard.

Get help during recovery: During your stage of recovery, you may need to avoid some type of procedures like driving, and certain home routines, this means you will need someone to help you with all of those activities.

Stop smoking: The act of smoking actually reduces blood flow into the skin and would also slow down the process of healing, smokers are advised to stop the act before getting engaged in surgery. 2

Surgery is however not the only way to get a lift in boob size, even if happens to be the fastest way, for now, there are still other hacks that could help save the say.

Simple hacks instead of surgery.

Appropriate bra: Playing the bra card appropriately would give the boobs a really good look, producing some great cleavage, wearing some extra padded bra would also do the magic.

Choose appropriate outfit: If you want your boobs to look attractive instead of surgery, then wear outfits that would make them appear attractive.

Make use of Tape: On days you do not want to put on a bra, just make use of tape to hold the breast in an upward manner, you can use sports tape, gaffer tape, or any other specially designed tape, but ensure you do not use a duct tape.

Careful massage Carefully massaging your breast poses the possibility of increasing the flow of blood and the stimulation of collagen production.

Targeted exercise: Engage in exercises that are particular to the chest region, some of those exercises are; chest fly, pushups, chest presses, etc. 3


Saggy boobs happen for different reasons asides from childbirth, it could even be a genetic factor, it is either you accept it as your own fate or do something about it, but if you are going for surgery, ensure you understand the possible precautions.










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