We get sick from toxins.

Prepare your body to eliminate them.


First of all, how do we know if our symptoms are really due to heavy metals:

The correct answer is by measuring, today there are tests on hair or urine and even blood, they all have their pros and cons, measuring them in urine or blood shows the heavy metals that are circulating in your body, which are obviously more problematic because they are the ones that can cause you damage today, while those of hair for example are more specific and show the accumulation of heavy metals in tissues, if you cannot measure heavy metals, do not worry but keep in mind that in 1974 it was 47 years ago, the world health organization determined that 84 percent of chronic diseases that humans had at that time were created by toxins, it is very likely that in 2021, even though we do not have updated data, that percentage will have increased and Although not all heavy metals are toxins, nor are they the only toxins that enter your body, it is important that you know them, it is important that you know how to eliminate them since they re Most toxins are usually eliminated in very similar ways.

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That said, what are the most harmful heavy metals:

Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Chromium, Thallium, Lead and sadly one more than uranium has been added to the list.


How we eliminate these heavy metals from our body:

These metals accumulate mainly in fatty tissues, that is why we find them in fatty fish such as tuna and that is why you must have heard that mercury, for example, is very related to being deposited in your brain, which is made up mainly of fat, that is why It is important that you consume omega 3, which is also a fat this obviously makes heavy metals more difficult to eliminate than other toxins but they are eliminated in fact they are eliminated with a process of flame that the action of Chelation basically means that a substance is it grabs onto another one in general by an ionic bond that is to say, of electrical attraction to each other, but in general we are talking about a substance with a negative charge (Chelators) that attracts heavy metals that have a positive charge and takes it away.

This brings a problem that I do not see that other people mention it and that is that not all heavy metals are bad, there are many such as uranium that are very serious that bring super harmful consequences for your health, but there are other metals that enter into the category of heavy metals that we need in our body such as iron, so when we do a chelation we do not distinguish which heavy metal we are eliminating in our body, something that is very important for you to keep in mind is that when we release heavy metals from tissues where they were stored In order to be eliminated by our body, we saturate many of our organs that are going to carry out that elimination liver, intestine or kidneys, so it is important that they eliminate heavy metals after preparing these organs for the work they are going to do, The funny thing or the paradox is that when you improve the conditions of these organs of this liver, of this kidney, etc., why e there are cleansings and you used some type of supplement that helps this process, the body naturally begins to deal with the elimination of heavy metals, this happens specifically in the liver, thanks to a substance called glutathione.

In the next post I will give you a list of substances that are mostly easy to get and cheap to remove heavy metals, do not miss it.

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