Healthcare Facilities; People didn't have it easy in history.

I've always known that nobody had it easy in history. Not men, and surely not women. Interestingly, I'm someone that likes to dig into the past to draw a comparative analysis of how life was back then and how it is right now. For anyone that has the same desires, I must admit that there is something insightful about historical dramas.

I was watching one of those dramas that date back to when hospitals were not yet a thing. It served as an eye-opener to how life was back then. I couldn't help but imagine how the early humans survived without decent healthcare facilities.

Try and paint a picture of how it feels to be existing in that era;

There was no medical equipment like defibrillators, blood pressure monitor, incubators, etc. There was nothing like syringes or medicinal tablets. All they had were herbalists who use a concoction of herbs for treatment. In most cases, fairly decent herbalists were only available to Royal families.

Think about how tough it must have been for those that lived in that era. That must have been when people got banished to really dangerous forests just because their skin showed symptoms of what may be perceived as a communicable or incurable disease. That was when life was hard and things were worse.

Count up to hundreds (maybe thousands) of years since then and you will be introduced to the current healthcare we are enjoying in this day and age.


Our health condition is surely getting better and it's thanks to so many things ranging from research works, advanced technologies, availability of medicines, and whatnot.

At the moment, the existence of all these means that we can treat a whole lot of diseases. Even the likes of Covid19 pandemic (whether you think it truly exists or not) already have a couple of vaccines. There is so much medical equipment fit for several purposes. You can only imagine what will be coming after this era.

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