Windows 10 ideal settings for making a presentation


There are a lot of cool settings that we make for our Windows 10 PC that are great for home or office use. It might include video and audio settings, or other settings we might prefer. But when you are about to make a presentation before a large audience, those settings might constitute a nuisance to us. In order to avoid any difficulties that might arise while using your PC before an audience, it is best to apply settings that would put so much stress on you.

So in this article, we will look at one important setting that is ideal for a user preparing to make a public presentation.

  • Laptop Lid settings:

So without wasting much time, let look at how it is supposed to work.

Laptop Lid settings

There are many things the computer can do when you close the Lid, it all depends on what settings you have made. The Image below shows the 4 settings that could be made:

  • Do nothing: If this option is selected, nothing happens when you close your laptop lid.
  • Sleep: The computer sleeps. It means reduces its power consumption to the barest minimum while still retaining the current state of open programs and files. To wake the computer from sleep, you click the power button.
  • Hibernate: This setting saves the current state of open programs and files. Its shuts down the computer, and returns it to its previous state when you press the power button.
  • Shutdown: If the option is selected, the computer shuts down when you close the lid.

The best setting for a presentation is "Do nothing". You will learn why later in this article. Meanwhile, Here is how to set it.

Step 1: On the search box, Type Power & Sleep settings and click the app to open it. Check Image below:

Step 2: On the New window, look to your far right and click Additional Power Settings.

Step 3: Check the options to your left of the new window and click Choose what closing the lid does.

Step 4: As you can see below, I originally set my computer to sleep when I close the Lid (Both in battery and when plugged in).

Step 5: Now from the drop down menu each of On battery and when Plugged In, I will set the computer to do nothing when I close the Lid. Check the image below now.

Why change from Sleep to Do nothing?

Remember in my normal use of my computer, I usually use the Lid to activate the sleep option. Its cool for me as that functions like a shortcut. Instead of heading to the start menu and then to the power options to put the computer to sleep, I simply close the Lid. This is absolutely great in ordinary circumstances. But when I am in front of a crowd, This setting might be counter-productive.

Making a presentation in front of a crowd sometimes might mean that the speaker occasionally closes their laptop lid as they speak to the crowd. The speaker might choose to come back to it and take a look - for example if I he is using an electronic outline. So throughout the time of a presentation, the speaker might decide to close their Lid and open it and still have the computer on. So allowing the setting which initiates sleep when the computer lid is closed would stress the speaking, making them take steps to wake up the computer.

Therefore, when making a presentation in front of a large audience and having to close and open the lid, it is best to have the lid just do nothing. The computer will retain its state whether the Lid is open or closed.


Making a presentation requires some level of concentration. At such, you computer should work in a streamlined fashion. Reducing distracting settings or time-consuming configurations will ensure a smooth presentation.

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