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In that last post, we were able to bring some reason to the @fact post below. We explained how bananas could have a calming effect on people dealing with anxiety. Apparently, I got to find out that banana is very different when it acts against anxiety from when it acts against depression. When a person takes a banana, it affects the level of potassium. We got to find out that potassium has a beta-blocking ability.

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In the last couple of posts for this anxiety series, I want to talk about the different types of anxiety each day before closing off with the summary. I really hope I will be able to work on a good summary post for anxiety and its management. For the first post among the types of anxiety disorders, I want to write about generalised anxiety. I wrote about this post here.

This is the Medic Vibes blog, where we discuss topics pertaining to mental health. I'm glad you're here, and I hope you're enjoying the day. The blog's creator, @ebingo, is a physician and an artist. Because we currently have only one writer and one illustrator on staff, we have not yet migrated to our main blog. We maintain a blog for the STEMsocial community at this time. Last month, we discussed depression, and this month, anxiety will be the topic of discussion. According to a Nigerian study we initiated last month, anxiety was prevalent at a rate of 50% in a youth camp. Following the study, we resumed our month-long analysis of tweets.

Everyone can experience anxiety, but women and younger people are more likely to experience it than the general population due to higher levels of worry and fear.

In a study we looked at, we discovered that 50% of the campers at a youth camp in Northwestern Nigeria had anxiety symptoms and that over 3% of people worldwide also experience anxiety. Around 1% of the Nigerian population experiences anxiety.

Everyone has experienced heart palpitations before significant exams, presentations, or performances at some point in their lives. But what if I told you that some people have that sensation every day? People with social anxiety disorder are preoccupied with what others will think of them. One of these individuals, like their boss or a coworker, may be someone with whom they interact frequently. People will therefore employ avoidance tactics. In one of our earlier posts, we discussed how social anxiety in individuals can be present during phone calls.

In anxious people, physical, psychological, and reactionary symptoms are all present.

Physical symptoms include things like chest pain, stomach pain, weakness, rapid breathing, and a rapid heartbeat. These are frequently caused by the autonomic nervous system's sympathetic firing.

The psychological symptoms of anxiety can include nightmares, flashbacks, and insomnia.

Avoidance is one of the reactionary signs and symptoms that can go along with social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. This can be of both people and places.

The diagnostic and statistical manual states that the cause of anxiety varies from subject to subject and lasts for more than six months. Keeping it under control can be difficult. Pain, exhaustion, jitteriness, and sleep issues, one of which is persistent, are common in children with anxiety.

Risk Factors
When it comes to who can have anxiety disorders, a combination of genetics and environment play a small role in the development of the condition.

Behaviors such as shyness, avoiding social situations or avoiding specific locations all increase an individual's risk of anxiety.

Being exposed to traumatic or extremely stressful events as a child increases the risk of anxiety development.

A person is also at risk if they have relatives who battle anxiety disorders.

Several medical conditions, such as thyroid issues and heart conditions like arrhythmias, increase a person's risk of developing anxiety disorders.

In general, women are more likely to experience anxiety than men. Some researchers believe this is because of hormonal changes that occur during the monthly menstrual cycle, while others think higher testosterone levels may have a calming effect. Some people believe that women seek therapy for anxiety less frequently than men.

It is essential to be vigilant for any changes as soon as they appear because depression and anxiety are related and because depression increases a person's risk of suicide.

Anxiety and Banana

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In this post by White Swan Foundation titled Genralise Anxiety Disorder.

Like we talked about above, anxiety has a typical pattern of uncertainty fear and worry before some events in life. But it is possible to have a reality where anxiety. Some people live in a constant state of fear and this is the issue with people who have generalised anxiety.

As discussed above the features of generalised anxiety is made up of Physical symptoms, psychological symptoms and reactionary symptoms.

The cause of anxiety is related to biological, psychological and social factors.

The biological factors are related to genetic and familial factors that make anxiety more likely to be passed from parent to child.

The Psychological factors are factors such as stress, child birth and others that could increase the likely hood of having anxiety.

The social factors are factors like family problems, the friends a person keeps and others.


The tip for today relates to the the care of people who have an anxiety disorder.

Caring for people with Anxiety disorders can be very hard and can lead to its own problems for the caregiver. In order for the patient to get the best form of care. It is important you work with the mental health practitioner for the best form of therapy.

I have explained in the comment section how just like in pregnancy the husband is counselled for birth preparedness, and it is important for you to know the way to help your loved ones.

Hive Stories

@riverflows talked about her weighted blacket that sound really neat. In her post is a hyperlinked post to a study. She says weighted blacket help with the treatment of anxiety and many other mental health conditions. To find out more about these awesome insomnia fighter pack, check out the post here


  • What did you learn about bananas?
  • What did you learn about anxiety?
  • What is the relationship between them?


Potassium is found in bananas and potassium has an antianxiety effect because of its beta-blocking ability. 1-2 bananas a day is sufficient for moderate consumption. While bananas can not treat anxiety, they could be added to the diet for anxiety.

I hope that you learned a lot from this post.

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