Mango Kush Soil assessment and thermophilic compost update

I looked at the Mango Kush's soil under a microscope. The Mango Kush is in a 50 gallon container. Both the soil and plant was inserted into a greenhouse in Eugene Oregon about 2 months ago. So we are building the soil and plant. Side note I noticed flowers developing on the plant as it was planted too early but is transition back to vegetation now.


The first 18 minutes or so was the nematode scan, the main assessment is afterwards with the bacteria scan at the end.

I found one bacterial nematode which was cool.


There was less flagellates, they eat the bacteria, so more bacteria than last time. More fungi biomass which was cool! No real signs of pathogens or anaerobic conditions that concern me.



If you are curious about this microscope stuff check out the upcoming video on using a microscope with soil.

I am excited about the upcoming compost I built. I need to build two composts successfully in a row in order to progress forward with the Soil Food Web School consultant program. So far it looks good! I can see lots of mycelium crawling around this compost and surly it is filled with the necessary fungi and life our garden here needs!

I need the hot middle of the compost to reach a temperature of around 150 F for 2 days. I am almost 48 hours in this process. I will only turn this two times, in order to place each layer of the compost into the hot middle.



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