Artificial Augmentation, The Real Future Of Artificial Intelligence


Look around you, even without seeing super intelligent agent , transfer of intelligence to connected systems and different agents will transform our world and change our notion of human cognition and consciousness. At first, it becomes interlocking thought and deep reflection on how do we feel, reason and act. But, notion of feeling and consciousness has been attributed to unique characteristics of human intelligence and thinking.

What is Consciousness and Intelligence?

You can not feel without sensory inputs. Also, it is so hard to act without processing power and mental power.
Here, Humans are indeed replaceable if it possible to transfer intelligence to Machines. Machines will never defeat us,no matter what,if we better strategise for thought-provoking implementation of policies and education we invest in. Cyber-system has been given different nomenclature from Robots, Cyber-Physical System and Intelligent Agent. Irrespective of the naming, they are communicating the same expression, that is making work faster, efficient, repeatable and optimised.
Tomorrow, we can see mechanical robot doing some processes that take care of our technician and technologist. As human, I feel the pains these will cause them.

Better Approach to Artificial Augmentation


Let us now slice through the notion of artificial augmentation. Human Intelligence is evolutionary but subject to law of diminishing returns. It reaches a peak for the carrier and returns to low-grade potential over time but transfer of knowledge through Evolution and Reproduction has been the main factor to advancement in knowledge and transformation of knowledge application.
Imagine you wake up one morning and everywhere is polluted with Cyborgs, Robots and Intelligent Machines. You will feel your existence is threatened and abdicated by nature. Nature, is another construct of underlying control of our existence and knowing about our consciousness and subconsciousness.
Is it possible due to notion of competitive advantage among big-technology companies to be replaced by machine? The answer to this question is different for whom being replaced. Any job performed without enough intelligence can be replaced. How enough? In some areas, reports have been made public due to winning streak recorded by intelligent machine. Examples are seen in AlphaGo and Chess Champion Players. Now, should there be moral obligations and ethical responses to all these issues? The answer is everyone should better position himself or herself for these technologies. Truth being told, we can not forget or shy away from massive competition in business world and global politics. Also, feeling of being dominant and winner will spark and allow the creation of all these tools. Now, the question is that can we do better by contributing to creation of society with less inequality and knowledge gaps? Yes, the answer is artificial augumentation.
Our feeling about the consequences of the Artificial Intelligence is not drowse. Every thing we do either activity or task can be broken down to simplest and executable step. Now, there are enough modelling tools which when used will portend threat and bad omen for workforce. I know of one, which if used can take care of all workers that work with repetitive tasks through writing contents, crawling market campaign and official documentation. This is called Robotics Automation. This is one out of many preparations for streamlining and making processes automated.
Artificial Augmentation is a form of artificial intelligence but this is implemented to assisting humans and ensuring collaboration. Augmenting human is another approach to benefit from the waves and numerous techniques of imparting intelligence to non-human devices or softwares.
Let us get the fact right and think very critically about the issue of artificial intelligence and notion of giving control and execution of processes, activities and tasks to non-human. The first key point is humans are prone to fatique, tiredness and self-esteem. Any job you do and does not add to your income and wages seem unattractive and prevent your growth. Also, cost and expenditures are enemy of organisation that is stationed to give more returns to stakeholders and investors. We can not stop the feel about global politics, competitive advantages and lead time. These factors have over time created bottlenecks, pain points and bankruptcy for different companies in the world. Competition or development in knowledge are two separate driving forces thrusting forward our ability to go into research and development, providing profit maximization and customer satisfaction.
Putting customer satisfaction and coverage into consideration, we can start to appreciate the need to be super fast and retain, because of competition, our company vision and objectives. Another interesting question is that can we compete favourably without subjecting humans to terrible feelings? I do not want to give account of reports from China and some cheap labour countries. This also is another topic to be written on. Having looked at these factors that warrant and bring to life Artificial Intelligence, we should understand the motive and the governing control. Can robots development be cheaper and adaptable to different working environment and activities performed by human? If answer to this is yes, we know the cascading effects to come about from this possibility. Jobs will be taken by the means to deliver the most economic services and one that is best to customer satisfaction because business ethics and laws are not formidable enough in quenching these effects.
But, another approach to allow domain expert and tutelage in various human knowledge can be well posed if Artificial Augmentation is sustained and allow to develop alongside Hyperautomation.

How to implement and extend the technology.

By virtue of the fact that we understand where and what this technology bring to the table or possibly offer in todays competitive environment, I enlist belong the area of applications and how to extend thia to under domain knowledge.

Medicine and Health Sciences.


May be you understand that Artificial intelligence have been possible replacement for best doctor, I do not exaggerate. Here is why. Detecting tumors and cancer development through CAT, MRI and other scanning techniques can assist in classification of benign and aggressive tumor, that will eventually lead to cancerous tissues. The point here is that this artificial robot can basically outperform experienced doctor. Any field or study supported and guided by domain knowledge can be replaced by Artificial Intelligence. How does Artificial Augmetation come into play and being a better solution? Using Artificial Augmentation can prevent two things, one it can prevent the issue of overfitting or underfitting which is prevalent in Classification models and assist to employ guiding mechanism when the robots do what is good act. Curating enough evidences and incorporating domain knowledge check will both ensure guides to spurious problems.


In this industry, we search for a prototype or the graphic representation of what we buy without checking for fitness and suitability. Instead of using brazen and emboldened market campaign, artificial augmentation can help in the supply chain to prevent customer dissatisfaction and violation of private policy. This is employed and implemented through better confirmation of the ordered products or the services by utilising Digital Twin. I discussed Digital Twin Technology in one of our articles. Now, here we can have a feel with win-win situation in business and professions we engage in our endeavour.

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