What is Your Take On Time and Can Time be Reversed?

You must have heard of the phrase "time waits for no one". Or maybe the phrase "Anywhere you go, time remains constant" I am not talking about the motivational speech your parents gave you or those motivational quotes those youtube content creators share on their channel, I am talking about science, I am specifically looking into physics. A lot of us just know the word time, and use it as we want. We believe it is constant and that it goes in one direction, from one jiffy to another, or maybe from one second to another without stopping but do we really know what time is, can we truly explain time?

A neighbor was reading a publication and was forced to ask me why people living in the same place but at different altitudes will have different read of time. I am making reference to Burj Khalifa, where people at the top have a different time from people at the bottom. When he said this, he then said that I thought time is constant in all places. Why should I argue, I was only able to explain to him, and thank goodness he had a little idea of basic physics.

If I am to start at the base of it all, I will be starting with Isaac Newton, the founder of classical mechanics and modern science, who said that "time passes uniformly without regard to whether anything happens in the world". He stated that the time rate of change of the momentum of a body is equal in both magnitude and direction to the force applied to it. If newton agreed that time passes uniformly without regard to whether anything happens in the world, then where is the place of speed? Newton's theory didn't put that factor into consideration, for instance if we take Muon as an example. It is one fundamental subatomic particle that is about 207 times heavier than an electron. Muons that appear on the surface of the earth appear as a result of earth atmosphere and cosmic rays from space colliding. Muons appear on the earth's surface as they hit the earth before decaying but they only have a lifespan of 2.2 microseconds. So how is it possible that they make it to the earth's surface in such a short lifespan? This doesn't go with Newton's theory of time.


If we are to look at time in the possibly right way, then we will be looking into the law of the German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein. The theory of special relativity proves that time is relative and not absolute, and that time was not regular. he went on to say that time changes depending on relative speed. With this theory, there is a different perspective on time. Depending on where the person observing the time is, it can differ. To an observer watching outside, the time taking for an object with relative speed looks slower while to an object with such speed, the time varies. With this theory, the possibility of the Muons appearing on the surface of the earth is justifiable, even in such a short time. Muons travel at almost the speed of light relative to the earth, time is slower causing them to reach the earth in such a short time.

Time might be very different for a philosopher as they believe that time is paradoxical, with past, present, and future, one which has previously existed, one which is yet to exist, and the other which they believe doesn't hold any form of time because as at the time when you look at your watch to tell the time, it already into past, but I am not looking at the philosopher's view currently.

Atoms are regarded as the smallest indivisible part of a substance, and for years we believed that there was nothing smaller than it. It was not until J.J Thompson showed with the atomic model that an atome can still be divided and an atom is made up of an electron. If we are going to look at light that is made up of photons, which have wave-like property and in the 19th century the behaviours of photons were studied as they travel from one end of the tube to another. These explained that a single photon can be at two different places at two different times. On the surface, time is very organized with light, at almost immediately, but in its electron form, it is not like that.

Unlike the velocity of massive objects, the speed of light is a constant and is the same for all observers independent of their CONSTANT VELOCITY toward or away from the light source - Albert Einstein

In this second theory of general relativity, intense gravity slows time just the same way that high speed slows time. This explains that time near a black is very slow or almost not existing. Einstein showed that due to its extremely intense gravitational pull, time would slow down or nearly diminish. These said, one thing that we are looking to improve on currently is Time Travel. As science says that time travel is possible, it is possible for time to go backwards and forwards instead of its current native forward movement. DOing this will be possible with quantum physics if a quantum space time foam can be stabilized for a long time, so a warm hole is permanent by subjecting it to large energy.

What do you think about time? Are we going to be able to time travel large materials soon? Will our engineering capacity be able to enable time travel and understand time better?














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