Overpopulation and male infertility, what is the relationship?

Today I would like to develop a topic that beyond the medical that has a scientific support, also has a global social repercussion, and I would like to talk about the global Infertility, which is clearly reflected by a birth rate, which is evident and is something for which there is great concern, but the reasons for this are not only psychological but organic, I would like to share some interesting data, with medical support that will surely draw your attention as well as it did with me.

It is evident that we have a world population in frank increase, which has been for some decades a concern for the states by the high consumption of food and the "impossibility " to produce them, additionally the great problem of water scarcity that is complicating our subsistence a little, there is less and less water available for human consumption but the amount of population continues to rise, at least so far.

In the next post I will provide some very interesting data that I know you will be interested in.

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For an egg to be fertilized, under normal conditions, it is necessary that in the sexual act, at the moment of ejaculation, more than 300 million spermatozoa are released. Considering that in each ejaculation between 3 and 5 Cubic Centimeters (CC) of sperm are released with an average content of 100 million spermatozoa per CC a few decades ago, low procreation was not a problem.

I will pause at this point to explain a brief experiment that was conducted by the scientist Calhoun between 1968 and 1972:

This scientist, in a reduced space performed an experiment with rats, where he put 8 rats with the necessary in food and water so that they did not have to do anything more than eat and mate, without any concern. There were more than 2000 rats at some point in 1970, when the population began to decline due to a great chaos in relation to overpopulation.

He left us a great legacy with this study, which evidently did not take long to extrapolate to what would happen in the world if the population was extremely high. Assuming that what rats did, humans would do. At this point it was very clear that overpopulation would be a big problem.

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In 1973 (by chance?) a study was initiated which consisted of collecting and counting spermatozoa per cc in many men in more than 53 countries and keeping records of all this data. For that year the global average count was 101.2 million per cc. Which was normal.

But data collected in 2018 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem showed a decrease of over 50% in the count going from 101.2 million per cc (in 1973) to 49.0 million per cc by 2018.

There are even areas of the planet where the decline has been much more marked, reaching one that is at 60%, which is alarming. What is producing this decline? because it is clearly not normal.

This is something that caught my attention, that sequence of facts and relationship between the different studies that showed that an overpopulation would be chaos for the world. *Is it something programmed or is it just a coincidence? I don't have an answer to this question, maybe someone does, I don't know. I would like to know your opinion.

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It is well known that couples want to have fewer and fewer children, motivated by professional goals, because they want to travel and do other things before assuming the responsibility of having children, because the economic situation in the world is not easy, for many reasons, but this is well known, what little is known is this reality regarding the decline in sperm count.

And it is clear that it will have a great impact globally, because in the coming decades we could have an even greater decline in the birth rate and not precisely because of professional issues or decisions of the couples themselves, but even if they want to have children they will not be able to because the sperm count continues to decline.

It is with these events and their coincidences that so many theories arise in this regard and the role of states and companies that manufacture certain foods, or elements of daily use that are capable of producing certain consequences on health conditions, such as cancer in many parts of our body, or the use of lead in some dyes, but for some reason end up not being punished by the states.

Much we can say about it, but it seems that, in a way, not much we can do, because even if we look at food, a great majority of it is transgenic, not to mention the chemicals used for large-scale animal breeding, which undoubtedly have a negative effect on our body, besides "feeding" us.

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But beyond conspiracy theories, there is an objective reality, perceptible by means of statistical data that are there for anyone who wishes to read, see, analyze and contrast them. It is up to each one of us to know what to do with that information and to come to our conclusions and to act in default.

This post, like all of them, has an informative and formative character, without the objective of sowing despair or anything similar, but with the intention that we can all be aware of what is happening, either systematically or coincidentally, regardless of this, it is happening, the data speak for themselves.

We must take care of ourselves, not to become obsessed with it, because in the end, I think it is something we can hardly fight with. I hope this publication is of help to you, and that it has provided you with interesting information. I would really like to know what you think about it.

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