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Depression and it's effect to health.

A man being the governor of his own heart, regardless, must govern from the state of mind which is the capital of his entity. However, normalcy warrants that he checks into other developing communities which in this context may be considered to be depression, but it's very important that he doesn't dwell there because that deadly desert is close to nowhere heathy.

Sometimes ago, I was there too, but I left the moment I realize it's not a safe place for me, as no light shed to chase night and meet a profitable option in my heart, if I wasn't down to nothingness, I would be up to frustration with anything close, not close, something real, not real, even myself. My whole existence was tiring that I had no other routine than sorrow, broken lines, tears and repeat. My friends tried all their possible best to take me out of that danger zone, but I needed not to tell them before they realized that they could not take me out because they did not drive me there, maybe I drove myself, but something is certain; I decided the quality of time I spent there.
Today, in front of you is the experience of a survival and how she went about seeing to the end of depression. Now, shall I offer you my helping hand? Will you take it and let me walk you through the escape route to peace, kindly treat this like in the world of advertisement, where testimony of others is the best appeal. This is the writing of n over comer; be convinced.
A depressed person


As boring as it sounds, this word "Depression" sprout from the word "depress", and to be depressed is to be emotionally down or sad.
Depression is a psychological state of mind producing serious long-term lowering of enjoyment of life and inability to visualize a happy future. This feeling in psychotherapy and psychiatry is a period of unhappiness or low morale, which includes ideation of self inflicted injury or suicide. With this, one can clearly see that in all the elements that made up what depression is called is no single one that contributes to a healthy living and these need some urgent treatment, as every depression that is unable to find cure in due time promises a calamitous end.
Types of depression


(1) MAJOR DEPRESSIVE DISORDER: This is a mood disorder in which a person experience most of the following systems for more than two weeks. Example, low mood, lack of interest in activities that were previously enjoyable, weight loss or weight again, changes in sleep and fatigue.
(2) PERSISTENT DEPRESSIVE DISORDER (DYSTHMIA): This is a mild, long- lasting type of depression, people suffering from dysthymia experience symptoms that are less severe than those felt by major depressive disorder.
(3) BIPOLAR DISORDER: This is a type of depression in which a patient swings between periods of abnormally elevated mood and depressive episodes.
(4) PSYCHOTIC DEPRESSION: This is when a person struggling with depression also experiences psychosis. Psychosis is when you lose touch with reality. Example; Agitation, Anxiety, Delusions(False beliefs and perceptions).
(5) POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: This type of depression affects some mothers after child birth. After giving birth, your levels of estrogen and progesterone rapidly drop. This can lead to changes in your brain and as a result, intense mood swings.
(6) SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER: This is a type of depression, that follows a seasonal pattern. Most people experience sad in the winter, which it's also called winter depression, other people feel normal in the winter but depressed in the summer.
Symptoms of depression


There are symptoms to note when depression sets in, and they include; insomnia,- the person may not be able to sleep or sleep all the time, empty feeling, tought of suicide or making suicide attempts, loss of interest in activities or hobbies that were once enjoyable, constant boredom, having dramatic mood swing, withdrawal from family's and friend's, significant weight change, forgetfulness, strong feelings of guilty, lack of interest in personal hygiene, feeling like a failure and so on.
Medicinal fruits for depression


On your quest to finding happiness for yourself, the spirit of depression may be forming a die hard type by giving you reasons to remain the way you are, but always remember that; that place is close to nowhere heathy. Many have been there and perished, only few went and returned with boldness of telling their stories to uplift others - I am one of them.
Here, I am telling you how I came out of depression.
MEDICATION: With antidepressants work to balancing chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters that affect mood and emotions. Consult your physician and obtain a prescription.
EXERCISE: Many people find this stressful. The fact is that, if it is done for you to help your mental health then it worth it. Talk a 15 to 30 minutes brisk walk everyday or you can dance, stretch or do yoga. Being depressed, you may not feel much like being active, but get yourself to do it anyway. If you need a push, ask a friend to do it with you. Getting any activity started helps boost your mood. Keep going!
EAT HEALTHY FOODS: And when one is depressed, he may either eat not eat much or over eat. Nutritious dishes nourish the mind. So with depression you need to be sure to eat right, for most people, that means plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Limit foods with added sugar, Don't go for too long without eating. Even if you don't feel hungry, eat something light and healthy.
DON'T DWELL ON PROBLEMS: It can feel good to talk through a problem with a caring friend, but depression can lead people to complain, blame, and rehash problems too much. It can keep you focused on what's wrong. Past events are by-gone, treat them like one.
EXPRESS YOURSELF: During depression, your creativity and sense of fun may seem blocked. But it can help to do things that get your creative juices flowing. Paint draw or doodle, sew, cook or bake. Chat with a Friend or play with a pet. Find something to laugh about. Watch a funny movies. Do things you can enjoy. Even a little can help turn depression around.
GET ENOUGH SLEEP: It's recommended you get 6 to 8hrs of sleep at night, but depression can make it had to sleep, and with too little sleep your depression can get worse. Whilst this, it's advised that you set routine, try going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.
Avoid drugs and Alcohol

AVOID DRUGS AND ALCOHOL: Many dealing with depression ends up dealing with drugs and alcohol addiction in the process of trying to drown their feeling. Adding drugs to your already depressed system never helps.

Thank you for reading this post about depression, I hope I have intrigued you on the subject! See you next time.


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