We visited a pet store!

Since I was given two goldfishes by our General manager, My husbnad's eagerness to keep fihses had awaken. We intended to keep koi fishes once but I did not have any idea on how to take care of them and changed its water for almost every two days so they all died.

My husband bought a huge aquarium from a glass store for P1,500.00 pesos that will be a little over 25US dollars today ( one dollar is now 59 pesos). it was intended for for selling catfishes but the business only lasted for a few days. Lols. All I knew is that he only wanted to eat cat fish but bought a lot so the gain will be his portion and it was like eating for free.

The husband carrying our son while choosing the fish to buy.
By the way, it was not really a pet store, it was just a stall beside the road in front of the elementary school but a lot of people are buying from them.
What's good is that they give tips to aspiring fish keepers too just like us.

These are the fishes that they are selling: They have gold fishes, angel fish, koi fish sword-tail fishes, mickey and some ornamental fish that I did not know of.

We are only here for the koi fishes and she sold it to us P80/pack of four. We bought two packs of it. The husband chose the color since I was very busy taking pictures around.

Getting a good picture of the fishes is a bit challenging since it was very bright and the fish are all in a plastic bag.

This Gold fish is giving up on life since his mates are not good to him. Such things happens to fish when the tank mates are bully.

They sell Rock salt too, they said it will neutralize the chlorine in the water.
Keeping pets are laborius since you have to look out for their health so they won't die and a bit expensive too. We think we needed air pump for them to have sufficient oxygen and water pump to filter the waste out.

I hope the fish will prosper.
This will be all for my #marketfriday entry challenge initiated by @dswigle. Thank you so much and keep safe!

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