Market Friday with $10 on my wallet.

Hello everyone! As they said thanks God it's Friday! For us Stay at Home mom or person, everyday is like the same day. Who's relate?

Last night I am craving for some Tonkatsu with shredded cabbage and I really want to cook thats why I told my husband that I want to buy for the ingredients in talipapa. Talipapa is a small version of market here in the Philippines.

Earlier after we drink our coffee , it's 9:00 AM and we went to the market. Like what I said my plan is to buy the ingredients for Tonkatsu which is pork slice , breadcrumbs and spices but as I was walking in the market I changed my mind and decided to make a chicken Shanghai. I bought a chicken meat, carrots and a lumpia wrapper and then my mind changed again and thought of the trending food in TikTok which is the Tuna pie in a lumpia wrapper. So my version is different because I will be using chicken meat instead of tuna.

Then I saw some garlic longganisa too and I bought one pack. Our garlic longganisa here in Nueva Ecija is really good especially the longanisa in Cabanatuan City.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the ingredients while preparing because the my son using my cellphone.

This is the filling guys. It's a combination of chicken meat , grated carrots, heavy cream , cheese, garlic , onion , salt and pepper and some mayo with siracha and I also put slurry for the consistency.

After I cook this one I cook the garlic longganisa too. I boiled the longanisa first and then fried it so that it cook so we'll.

And the last recipe is the Tinolang Manok. I bought some chicken but I only used the meat for the Shanghai that's why I thought of cooking some Tinola because there's a chicken stock and my son needs also a soupy dish. I just get some moringa leaves in the backyard and cook some Tinolang Manok.

This is only the bone portion of the chicken with a little meat but it taste good.

I went the market earlier with 10$ or 500 pesos on my wallet and when I got home I only have 20 peso bill with few coins hehe.


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