From the sea to the market- #Market Friday

Hi friends

It's Friday again, a day that #MarketFriday our friend @dswigle has taught us to love
Friday is always special, we see Saturday around the corner, a Saturday that promises relaxation and fun.
But today is market day and I present to you the fresh fish that we have in our supermarkets.
As you know I live by the sea, that makes our fish fresh and varied.

IMG_8836 copia.jpg

On Tuesday I had to do the shopping and among them the fish.
This is what we call this Cabracho, it seems that he was looking at me, I do not usually take out the camera, since it seems a bit inappropriate, but I saw his eyes and I could not resist.
It seems that he was looking at me and is so…. Ugly? But that's what strikes me about him.

IMG_8833 copia.jpg

It is an exquisite fish, many complain that it has many bones, but it is a rock fish and that happens to them, also being rock its meat is stiffer and more tasty.
I usually cook it in the oven and it is delicious, they also make pudding and salad.
But I'm not cooking for him today.

IMG_8828 copia.jpg

I like to photograph, the pink color those big eyes and not to mention her huge mouth. Here we see them in all her splendor, in her death to give us life.

IMG_8835 copia.jpg

Well, a long time ago some photos of when I had it at home (I have not found the entrance many moons ago that I put it hehe) but I leave you the photographs.
Is he handsome right?

IMG_1521 copia.jpg

Its large pointed fins.

IMG_1520 copia.jpg

The fin on the back can puncture any fish that comes close to it, its spikes are poisonous to other fish.

IMG_1515 copia.jpg

IMG_1517 copia.jpg

Here chatting about the life that awaits them.

IMG_1502 copia.jpg

His big mouth and bulging eyes.

IMG_1500 copia.jpg

IMG_1512 copia.jpg

We also have hake, the gray girl with angry eyes and big teeth.

IMG_8831 copia.jpg

Roosters, those little ones that crawl along the background with their flat bodies and shoemakers, that's what we call those in the background of the photograph.

IMG_8829 copia.jpg

Good lots of fish.
The rich anchovies here are highly appreciated for their delicate flavor.

IMG_8832 copia.jpg

Trout, the truth is that I like river fish less, it does not have the liveliness of the sea, it will be because its habitat is calmer.

IMG_8830 copia.jpg

Well friends this is my Friday of rich fishing,
Happy Friday everyone and a wonderful weekend.

IMG_8827 copia.jpg

IMG_8828 copia.jpg

Canon PowerShot SX730 HS

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