It's a #MarketFriday post for @dswigle community that always gives us a chance to see people's shopping all over the world.

Today's my shopping is devoted to our family business - 3D-printing.
Of course our best friends are different types of filaments we use for producing technical details and decorative items. So in our online shopping cart there are many filaments, for example:

As you can see, most of them are about 11-13$ per 1kg and it's a very good price. Those who face 3D-printing know that it's really a good price. As far as I know in many countries they cost more than 20$.
Now political situation has created conditions and motivation for national producers to make nice filaments, avoiding export, and it allows them to low the final price that is super good news for small manufacturers.

And now I'll show you a very original things that we've created recently.
It was an order of our customer, and we were happy to get it because we liked this thing long ago, but we had no free time to print it, but when it's an order, you'll find time for sure;))

So, at first it looked like this...

and they all are parts of one thing...

do you have a guess what it is??

Well, I think you don't....

then look what a unique thing we can get uniting these parts together!🎇

Looks so fantastic and unreal, yeah?
I was in love with it at once!❤️
and you?

It took us about 7-8 hours to get it all printed.
And we sold it for about 30$ because it was my dance trainer, and we had a lower price for him.

So what can you say?
Do you like it?
And what about the price? Do you think it's cheap or Ok

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