The riches of the Dead Sea

Have a nice Friday everyone! Today we are talking about goods and purchases.

I really love to visit the Dead Sea. Since in recent years we have been living an hour's drive from it, as soon as we have the opportunity we go there to rest.

This is a completely unique place where there is the most real riches. I mean the salt and mud of the Dead Sea.

This salt is unrefined, so it is unusable. But it is very beautiful! You can buy pure salt in the shops on the waterfront. I love going to those shops. There are so many interesting things: a wide variety of creams, soaps, various cosmetics based on salt and Dead Sea mud, clothes and things for the beach and swimming, and much, much more.

Here we have the salt of the Dead Sea! There are several different options. I do not know how this can differ from another, because salt is salt. And next to the salt lies the Dead Sea mud.

One bag costs just under 2 euros, while two bags of salt can be bought for 2.5 euros. This one is quite inexpensive, and even cheaper in bulk.

Dead Sea salt is rich in minerals: it contains magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, sodium, potassium, iodine. It is good for the whole body, but mainly for the skin, hair and nails. I like to do body exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt.


And this is the Dead Sea mud. It is slightly more expensive than salt, but also inexpensive. One package of Dead Sea mud costs 2.5 euros, and two packages can be bought for just under 4 euros.

There are also several options with dirt and you can choose which one you want. I do not know what is the difference between them: the dirt stinks very much of a rotten egg, no matter which package you choose 😂

Dead Sea mud is very beneficial for the skin. People like to smear themselves completely with mud, let the mud dry and then after 10-15 minutes wash it off with water. I honestly don't like this. When the dirt dries on you, you feel like a Terminator, because you cannot move normally due to the fact that all the skin on your body has pulled together 😂
But I like to use Dead Sea mud for my face mask. This I can tolerate. The skin after such a procedure is very delicate, but you must endure the stench of a rotten egg for 10 minutes 😂

You have to get used to it. This time I did not buy salt (I still have dirt at home). And I regretted it. I want to buy this as a present for my friend who lives in Russia and has never seen what the Dead Sea salt is. It's a shame that I remembered this too late 😟

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