Renting apartments in the desert

If we are talking about what we pay for and what we get at the same time, then I think that renting an apartment is just about that. During the coronavirus period, we do not stay in hotels, but rented apartments, where there is no one else but us.

During our trip to the heart of the desert - the city of Eilat, we did the same - rented an apartment. The apartment was in a closed, beautiful complex, where there were several buildings and one common courtyard. We rented this apartment on the Booking website, so we did not see the owner of the apartment, and the keys were given to us by the security guard who worked at the gate in the complex.

He told us the building number and told us to take the elevator to the 3rd floor. We entered the apartment and immediately found ourselves in a spacious salon.

The apartment looked very cozy, there were many paintings with a marine theme on the walls - we liked it. It was clean! The kitchen was not a separate room, but was part of the salon, as is often designed in apartments in Israel.

The kitchen had everything you needed: a water cooler, kettle, microwave oven, electric stove and oven, toaster. There was even a washing machine in the apartment and we used it. From the salon there was an exit to a small, cozy balcony.

We really enjoyed eating there; all breakfasts, lunches and dinners were on the balcony in the open air.

In addition to the salon, there were two more bedrooms. We didn't need both, so we chose one of them. This bedroom had a TV, but we don't need that.

There were also several paintings here. The linens were new, which surprised us a lot.

The second bedroom had two beds for a family with a child and a large white wardrobe.

The bedrooms overlook a common courtyard with a large, beautiful pool.

At first I was very happy that there was a pool, but the water in it turned out to be cold for me, but really icy. And this is at day air temperature up to +34 degrees 😥

This is a view of the city itself and the mountains that surround Eilat.

Very nice!!! And this is a view in the opposite direction - towards the Red Sea. Eilat is located right on the shores of the Red Sea.

The lights on the other side of the sea are already Jordan, the city of Aqaba.

Our friends came to visit us and they also really liked the apartment. Eilat is an expensive tourist city with high rental prices. But renting these apartment for a week did not cost us much - just over $ 800.

Have a nice and fun weekend !!!!

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