Hooray! Hooray! My new earrings!

Hello everyone!!! Today is Friday, which means we will talk about our purchases on #MarketFriday by @dswigle! (see details here:

It's summer now and I decided to buy some more matching new earrings.


In Israel, there is again a big surge in the incidence of coronavirus - they are talking about a new seventh wave this time, so I did not want to go shopping. As usual during these recent years of the pandemic, I searched online stores. I didn't want to buy anything expensive, but I was looking for cheap funny earrings. And here is my package! Hurrah Hurrah!!!!! 💃💃💃


I was surprised that it was so big. But then when we opened the package, I realized why.


It's so cool that they decided to combine two orders into one. The fact is that I ordered two earrings in one store and the other two in another, and one more earrings in the third. And as a result, I received four pairs of earrings at once. Opening packages!


It is always very exciting, because you do not know what you will see there. Did the goods arrive intact? Did it break along the way? Does the product match the description and photos?


Immediately I see that the earrings are fully consistent with what I saw on the website of those stores. Hooray!!! They packaged their item very well. Now we need to check whether this is a whole.


When choosing a product, I try to have fewer rhinestones because they often fall out on the way. But this time I deviated from this rule of mine and you probably understand why!!! 😃


I just love this deep bottle color!!! These are stunningly beautiful earrings! The second earrings are no less beautiful. They have a slightly different shade of color - dark turquoise and a lot of rhinestones. And they are all there!!!!! Nothing broke or fell out! 💃💃💃


I just love these earrings! And here are the rest. These earrings were described as bohemian! 😃


They also fully correspond to the description on the store's website. Maybe you will be surprised that I chose black earrings as summer earrings. But they are so cute and the pattern on them is so delicate that I couldn't resist! 😁
Well actually I love black and I have a lot of clothes with black print or all black fabric. I have already worn these earrings with a white tunic and it harmonizes perfectly thanks to the delicate pattern on the earrings.


Another one of my favorite colors! Red earrings are very bright, perky and cheerful. I really like these bohemian earrings and I'm glad I chose them! Well, now you need to try on all the earrings and see how they look on the ears and whether they are comfortable. To make it more fun, I took out shawls that matched the color (I have many shawls; i love these) 😃


I am very happy with the purchase! I love my new earrings! This summer I have a few new and very inexpensive earrings to rejoice and cheer myself up! 😃💃💃💃
(all photos are taken by me)

Take care of yourself and be healthy!!

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