Market Friday - Farmers Market in Riverview Park, New Jersey

This post is for #marketfriday community hosted by the lovely @dswigle, if you didn’t join yet, please do so, it is so much fun!

I can't believe how time flies! My last post in this community was 9 months ago!!! It's been too long... I was busy with life. This Pandemic paralyzed us all... but I'm always looking at the bright side of things: I came out of it with a new set of skills, because I never stop learning, and the best thing of all: I got my first grandson on March 1st, 2021. :)

So here we are on the road to recovery, farmers markets are coming alive little by little, and I am ready to go out there, take pictures and write blog posts to share the beauty that surrounds me every single day.

This Sunday there was a little gathering in the Riverview Park, close to where I live. It is a small park, but with a great view of New York City skyline. Here is a shot I took and edited in HDR... it looks like a real painting, I love it!


As you can see, they set up a few tents. Let's go and see what they've got! I love to buy from farmers!


I can't take too many pics, it is quiet and it feels awkward. I see a stand that sells fresh eggs, I want some!


Here are the eggs I bought, $4 the carton, I think it is less than in my local supermarket. Free range, good stuff. Can't wait to make a big omelet when I get home!


Hey! I made a friend too! Uncle Bud. He makes BBQ sauce and of course I bought a bottle - $6.

image3 (3).jpeg


Well... that's all for today. I didn't take more photos because everybody was packing up, the market was only between 11 am and 2 pm. I got there early, but I spent quite some time day dreaming on the promenade.

A dreamer is a dreamer, no matter what.

PS - The BBQ sauce is amazing, I will go back next Sunday and buy a few bottles!!!!


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