The Market Friday Blog In Hive || September 23, 2022

Greetings Everyone,

As usual it was a beautiful Friday today and how can I miss the chance to share my market friday experience. So here I come to share those Friday market moments.

First of all I've visited a raw material market where from I bought lemons, Amalaki (sour fruit) and other raw materials I need to buy.

Today I confirm the single room I'm going to shift next week by the grace of Almighty Allah and I don’t want no more trouble around me. So I'm feeling good and counting days to be there in my own room.

Anyway I entered a local shopping mall where I found some cute toys and I liked them a lot so captured photos and sharing them as the Friday market moments. I've attended my evening prayers there inside the shopping mall's mosque where there was special space for prayer for women.

Market Friday Moments Today

Toys in the market

Toys I liked Most

People inside the market or shopping mall

Beautiful Interior of the market

Jewellery Shop

A side view of market inside

The prayer mat inside the mosque

Some pictures were taken before attending prayer and some photos were taken after completing prayers. I met a aunt there doing her job and talk to her for few minutes. I went there after such a long time as she didn’t saw me there visiting the market. This market shut down in Sunday and consider that as weekend though other institutions consider Friday as weekend here.

Friday is special for us because the Jumma prayers and my country is a Muslim country so the prayer has significance. Market Friday is a nice arrangement for we authors or bloggers who loves to share their market moments. I'm one of them so I try to be regular for market Friday blog every week. My Friday almost going to be end as it almost my sleeping time. Hope you all found my Friday moment interesting.

Thanks For Reading 😊

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