My Market Friday Blog This Week || August 5, 2022

Greetings Everyone

It was a beautiful Friday and it almost going to be end for me. I've watched movie and entertained myself full on and now its time for sharing my weekly #MarketFriday blog with you all. Hope you going to enjoy them all.

It was a casual visit to the market and I bought cloth for making a new dress. The cloth is now sent to the tailor to stitch and it will take almost a week to make my dress prepared completely. Total cost of my dress will be 750 Bangladeshi Taka which is approximately 14 hive.

The market visit was awesome experience as I've found mannequin dolls wearing awesome dresses and these dolls will easily grab the attention of buyers.

I'll share some photos I've captured inside the market of clothing stores. I've pressed three of the lift and this floor is specially for cloth shops. Here I found colorful dresses and mannequin dolls in different style. I like their style with the dress and I enjoyed visiting the floor full of cloths.

Clothing Market Inside View

One more clothing store Inside View

Stairs and escalator inside the market

One Of The Clothing Store Inside The Market

Love Shaped Cushion or Pillows Close Shot

Mannequin Doll Inside The Market : 1

Mannequin Doll Inside The Market : 2

Mannequin Doll Inside The Market : 3

Mannequin Doll Inside The Market : 4

Mannequin Doll Inside The Market : 5

These clothing stores in the market was full of beautiful collection of dresses but most of them are expensive but good by quality. Many people make their regular clothing shopping from here but price is little high as owner of stores also added the store rent with these cloths according to their business policy.

Whatever I loved visiting this cloth stores inside the market because the whole market is air conditioned and its a kind of biggest mall of our city. Almost all things are available here except grocery. Someday they can add grocery stores too.

So this was my market Friday stories and I'm feeling really very sleepy and yawning for long time. I just hope you all liked my market Friday blog.

Thanks For Reading 😊

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