My Market Friday Blog This Week || August 12, 2022 || Collecting Cloths From Tailor Shop

Greetings Friends

Its Friday today and again here I come to share my market experiences or stories in this blog. Today's topic is my dress stitching from a tailor shop.

They took one week to deliver my dress they are not on time even they asked for extra one day to complete it. They had a lot of orders to complete and this is the reason behind the late.

Few Glance Of My Market Friday Experience

It was a beautiful sunny and cloudy Friday and now its time to say good night. But before sleeping I'm sharing my market Friday experiences. It was a beautiful day and I've spend good time outside.

My dress has been collected from tailor shop and I've capture some photos of the tailor shop and tailors, they also iron my dress well before delivering it to me.

I've paid 300 Bangladeshi taka which is approximately 5 hive and the cloth for the dress were 450 taka which is approximately 7.5 hive m. So total cost of my dress is 750 Bangladeshi taka which is approximately 12.5 hive. Let me share photos I've captured from tailor shop.

Tailor busy at cutting a dress

My Dress Before Ironing And Packing

Money I've Paid For Dress Stitching or Making

My Dress Was Packed

Other Customer Came Inside The Tailor Shop

Outside View Of Tailor Shop

Tailor and stitching machine

Dresses Tailors Already Completed For Delivery

The name of the tailor shop was Fatima Tailors and the owner name is Akter Hossain. The tailors are really very good and experienced making cloths but they are not good at delivering dress on time.

It was a beautiful Friday when I had good walk too. I've purchased different kind of foods too.I've enjoyed collecting my new dress and walk for today.

Thanks For Reading 😊

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