My Market Friday Blog This Week || July 22, 2022

Greetings Hiver Friends Over There

Its Friday again and today I've spend quality time in the nearest shopping mall where I often go to visit. I had purpose behind my visit to the shopping mall and that was my phone's battery. My phone's battery drained and need to change. The change changed me a big amount too.

Indeed it was a great day as I had a good walk. Attend prayers inside the shopping mall and it was in 9th floor. Had my favourite sweet foods. A day with beautiful moments for sure. So now I'll share the college view of my market visit.


College View Of Special Moments Of Market Friday

Now I'll share the highlighted moments of the day and will explain my work there.


Selfie Inside The Lift


5th floor for gadgets selling center, mobile showroom and repair center

My mobile phone's battery changed from here and it cost me 1800 Bangladeshi taka which worth around 41 hive I've paid it via mobile online banking.

They promised me the original battery they replaced and now my phone will no longer run out from the charge. It will work as a new phone's battery.



Old Battery after replacement done

It took around 30 minutes to replace the battery and the manager offered coffee or cold drinks but I replied No because it was my evening prayer time almost so again I went for the lift and reached 9th floor where there we have prayer hall.

After completing prayers I took a photo of the prayer mat on the floor. The room was specially for women's prayer and it was net and clean. I felt good saying prayers there.


Prayer Mat I used to says my prayers

After completing prayers I took a photo of the prayer mat on the floor. The room was specially for women's prayer and it was net and clean. I felt good attending my prayers there.

Few Moments Inside The Market






After spending some quality time inside the market I left the shopping mall and start walking again to the hostel but before reaching the hostel I bought cone Ice-cream and my favorite chocolate kitkat. I've paid 70 taka which is approximately 1.6 hive.



After enjoying my chocolate and Ice-cream I reach my hostel and dried my sweat as I was wet for sweating. Later I tried some other activities before dinner and attending the prayer. Before sleeping its hive time to publish the last post of the day.

Indeed it was a beautiful Friday. I'm glad that my phone is working fine and performing good. It may cost me more than 40 hive but my phone is fine now and its make me feel good. Hope you all had a great day today too. I love market Friday!!

Thanks For Reading 😊

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