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No doubt that my Friday is going good and its Friday evening here when I'm sharing some market moments of the day. I love purchasing foods and today I've bought traditional cakes, fruits like bananas and peanuts and also a key ring for my keys of new room and locker. The key ring was not so expensive. Beside these I also bought snacks, chocolates and biscuits to eat later.

It always enjoyable to visit market with lots of products. We can see different kind of people come and gather in the market though I avoid crowd of people. I forget to tell that I bought a new tooth brush and I forget some necessary things to buy which I can buy someday later, nothing emergency.

I make my own coffee so I don't enter any coffee shop alone but I was passing a coffee shop I found open in the Friday afternoon, many shops were closed for weekend as we consider Friday as our weekend. Many people come to these coffee shop to spend quality time with their friends or loved one. I'm going to share my market Friday moments as photographs with caption, hope you all going to like them.

Market Friday Moments

My new key ring on my palm

Coffee Shop Is Open For Friday Visitors

Bought Ripe Bananas

Sweet Traditional Cake To Eat And I Bought

Traditional Cake I ate for Friday dinner

Fruits In The Market

Sweet Oranges Close Shot

Price of fruits are on fire and the fruit seller doesnโ€™t sell small quantity so if you want to buy apples, oranges and grapes you have to pay a big amount for minimum 1 kilogram. I prefer having peanuts, bananas and other fruits that can be bought a small amount with reasonable price.

I skip my Friday dinner as always because I'm full with traditional cakes I bought from the street food stores, I know its not healthy but weekly once I can allow myself to eat them a little amount. I had a banana and a small amount of peanut and chocolate too.

Before bedtime I've to brush my teeth with my new toothbrush. I'm always excited to try newly bought products and it could be anything new like new dress, shoes, perfume, chocolates, Ice-creams, new foods and almost everything new. Though old is gold which means old things are also valuable to me but trying new things are exciting for many of us.

Overall I've enjoyed my market visit on this Friday today and it always more than a pleasure to share #MarketFriday experience with my hive friends and fellows. I also love to read market Friday blogs from my friends too. My market Friday is nothing to their awesome market Friday photographs with blogs. But I love to share whatever it is from my side. I wish you all a very blessed Friday!

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