Market Friday Today || August 26, 2022

Greetings Everyone

Hot and humid Friday here. I was sweating a lot when went to the market. Today market was very calm than usual maybe because its our weekend here. It was a beautiful Friday so far as I've enjoyed my outing in the market and made a small shopping. I've purchased bananas and peanuts as fruit and also bought fish curry and leafy veggie for dinner. Today I've spend a little amount of money and it was 150 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) which is approximately 3 hive.

Some moments I couldn’t capture due to battery low of my phone and it turn off right there but thankfully I've taken few photos when went to the market. I've enjoyed my outing and buying pop corns and met a balloon seller kid who sell balloons in the market. It was a tiny market where limited things are available and it found beside the road on footpath. People mostly found here gathering for street foods. Here street foods are very popular and sometimes I think I could have a business of street food here as its profitable business here.

I've seen some young volunteers serving free education to street kids and they encouraged me to take photos but my phone was turn off after clicking the shot of peanuts I've bought. It was really a nice Friday because I've spend quality time in the market and had a little walk there. I wish to have a cool weather but after the evening it cool enough.

Market Friday Moments Today

On The Way To The Market

City Street To The Market

Bananas I've bought

Close Shot Of Bananas

Fruit Seller Selling Fruits In The Market

Fruit Store In The Market

Aloevera Leafs I bought one leaf from these

A little Kid Was Selling Balloons

Street Kids taking free education from young volunteers

Street Kids taking free education from young volunteers

Peanuts In The Market And I bought 100 gm

So this was my market Friday story where pictures are saying all on my behalf. I couldn’t captured the photo of popcorns and curry I've purchased and reason I've told above. I return from the market before my evening prayers. And I'm glad that I'm done for today successfully. Now will take my dinner, attend night prayers and will sleep peacefully.

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