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This is very near to my house I'm living right now. The logo of brand yellow is very eye catchy and stylish as you can see in the pictures I'm going to share in this market Friday blog. So let's get start!!

As always Friday is awesome! Friday has a different kind of positive vibes that we can feel inside. Sometimes I think Friday is special for shopping lovers as black Friday offers are for them.

There are many shopping malls offer Black Friday discount offers though its not so popular in my country but they are updating after seeing something trendy in developed countries.


"Yellow"- Local Clothing Brand And Shopping Mall

This shopping mall cum brand is very expensive and rich people prefer these wears. As the market interior and exterior is attractive to classy people so they surely very concerned about the quality of clothing they are selling for many years.

There is a big space for car parking so you can guess what kind of buyers come to visit here. Yellow is a trustworthy brand for many rich individuals and they never going to compromise with the quality as buyers pay a good amount for each dress or product.


Mannequin for menswear inside the shop"Yellow"

Undoubtedly menswear and womenswear both are trendy and fashionable. Casual outfits are also available beside that you can buy inners too as they sell them inside the market. I just took shots of few glance.

After clicking these shots the security guard let me know I'm not allowed to take photos here, I told them to make a signboard on it that we common people or visitors can't take photos of their products and property.


Exterior look of yellow with the brand logo

Regular office stuffs can buy their casual outfits from yellow as the brand provide perfect outfit that give you a classy look and you can also buy casual outfits if you are going to attend any job interview or already doing a job in a reputed company.

Security system of yellow was pretty impressive as they have cctv camera and security guests around the mall. Salesmen are handsome and saleswomen are also representing the brand very well.


Interior Look Of The Market

Beside yellow there was a coffee shop where mostly found couples and colleagues gather after finishing their office hours. I had a short visit there as I was passing the road where there its locate.

I didn’t asked but I'm sure they also allow online purchase and give delivery service too. They had sign board of No mask, no entry which indicate that they are very good at maintain safety and they are concerned about their buyers or customers too.


Mannequin for womenswear inside the shop"Yellow"

Air conditioned area with different kind of lights and showpieces made the market's Interior more attractive. Mannequins are also dressed well and kept perfectly inside the shop.

Only visited their local branch though they have several branches in our capital city. Outside the capital city they doesn’t have any branch as far I know about yellow but that could be their future plan.


Outside View Of "Yellow"

To be honest I'm not rich enough to buy their cloths and these cloths are not my type too. I don't wear this kind of outfits and I'm not working on any company where there I may have to follow any dress code. My dressing style is very simple and I wear cloths that help me to feel comfortable.

This is always awesome to visit new and nearest markets, shopping malls and getting ideas about product and also It's quality. I enjoy visiting more than doing shopping from these markets. My visit to yellow was not planned but I enjoyed seeing different kind of dresses with different style. Indeed it was a worth to share market Friday experience.

Thanks For Reading 🥰

This original content specially dedicated to #MarketFriday host dear @dswigle mam


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