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Greetings Friends

It was such a big day as I've spent several hours inside the market and had some quality time there. Some moments captured and some moments remained non captured. But one of the reason behind go to market was today Market Friday blog. Let me start from the beginning.

It was a cloudy and partial rainy day today but thankfully when I went out the rain go away and the coolest weather helped me walk long roads and reaching market before the evening. I had afternoon nap and prayers and then I got ready for market.

ATM booth of my bank

To buy some necessary goods I need money so first of all I went to the ATM booth to withdraw a small amount of money for the day and its 500 BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) which is approximately 9 hive.

The moment I collect my cash from the ATM booth

After having the money at first I bought a talcom powder for this summer sweat and a cake and here I've spend almost approximately 2 hive, near 100 taka in my currency.

The cake and powder was packed after clicking the photo of it and later I start purchasing different kind of fruits. Today I've bought guavas, bananas, hog plum and some other kind of citrus fruits. I'll share photos those I've captured.

Prickly heat powder and the cake I've bought

I've bought approximately half kg guavas from these guavas

Local nearest restaurant

Nearest Shopping Mall Where I often visit to attend prayers in a prayer hall

Busy street in front of shopping mall

Colorful cotton candies I like most

Local Juice Bar and Tea stall

Was passing local Samsung showroom in the market

These are not the end behind the screen or camera I have done so many things in the market. After finishing my evening prayers I've tasted the four flavored cone Ice-cream and it was a combination of chocolate, vanilla, mango and the fourth one I forgot.

I've bought my dinner from outside and it was beef with fried rice. I've enjoyed my meal after came back to my room. I've skipped the meal hostel provided today because that one is tasteless food. I've enjoyed my day full on and bought my favourite fruit bananas at the end when I got into the bus to come back my hostel.

It was a big day in the market. I've enjoyed my favorite foods and purchased foods I may eat next few days. After publishing this market Friday blog I'll get ready for my night prayers and then I'll go to sleep. I'm done for today Alhamdulillah (praise to be Almighty Allah) I've spent approximately 7 hive today and approximately 2 hive left in my pocket. Those purchases made my day so I don’t care how much I've spent. Hope you all had a great Friday moments for today to share.

Thanks For Reading 😊

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