Grocery Shopping | A Market Friday Story

One more good Friday I've spent today! It almost going to be end because its Friday night here. It was a terrifically busy day for me because I had a lots of task to finish and then managed time for grocery shopping. Most of the grocery is food item as you know I'm a foodie type person.

I concede that I'm foodie but thankfully I'm not a fat that others can bully on me for being a fat. I earn, I purchase and I eat, so here none can say anything! I enjoyed purchasing grocery items I love to have most of the time. Let me share more about the day with the photographs I've taken.

Grocery Items And Market Friday Shots

Fruits Photography Of The Day

This is the photo of the day! What a beautiful scene where a plenty of fruits overloaded! I stopped the van with these yummy fresh fruits. It was shining under the sunshine. Grapes, oranges, apples and pomegranates was available there, I bought only apples and paid 100 BDT (Bangladesh Taka) for 0.5kg.

It was equal to 2 hive approximately but today I've spent more than 10 hive approx. But I'm happy with my grocery shopping and that means to me everything. I feel blessed because inflation doesn't affect my life and I'll try to be frugal someday!

Bought Sour Yogurt , Got It After A Long Time

Why bought sour yogurt after a long time? What's the reason behind it? Actually most of the shop sell sour yogurt a large amount which need to store in the fridge but I'm living in a hostel where there fridge needs to repair and using this awkward to me and I can eat a large amount of sour yogurt at a time so I didn't bought but today I bought a small amount of it and I was looking for a small quantity of sour yogurt for long time.

Once I asked for it to more than 10 shops but it was unavailable. Finally I got it, I'm so happy. I used the yogurt to clean my face and also ate them. sometimes I use it for hair care too.

Bought 4 minipacks of detergent- Surf excel

This detergent is my regular brand and I'm using this for long time. This brand has good name and also available in minipack. These minipack of detergent can help me washing my regular wears. I bought 4 packs and it will be enough for a week even more.

Bought 4 treat candy chocolate, hold 2 of them and ate

I think I've told about treat many times in my previous blogs. Its a good combination of milk and chocolate layers. I enjoy eating this candy or chocolate, whatever you can say. Its one of my favorite fun food and I love licking this chocolate and enjoy the taste most of the time. Two already ate and two kept inside my chocolate box to eat later tomorrow.

A mixed type of snack, It has fried rice, peanuts and many other ingredients mixed

You can get an idea from the image on the packet of snacks that what inside it. Its fried rice with peanuts and other spicy flavors. Once I ate it and I think its a good food to eat. Its a good snacks so I bought it too.

Bought Olive Hot Pickle

Today is Friday, hostel serves dinner that I don't like to eat so I bought this olive pickle which can help me eating rice with it. I ate it many times but it good for health in winter, in summer it can cause stomach pain or others bad health experience. This is spicy that we can eat with hot rice and its best for winter. It almost winter here!

Its payment time and having change

After purchasing when I decide the pay, the shopkeeper told me that he has no change. So I paid online and purchase the olive pickle from another grocery store where there they had olive pickle and gave me change of the money I withdraw from ATM booth as always.

Bought 8 Bananas

Later I bought 8 bananas from a fruit van. I wanted to buy 4 bananas but the seller offered to buy 8 and these bananas were not so big so 8 was fine so I bought 8 as he suggested me.

Bought 5 apples (0.5 kg) and paid, Behind the oranges you can see apples

Apple is my all time favorite fruit and its been such a long time when I bought apples to eat but today I found it and I didn't miss the chance and bought a little amount. Only five apples which worth approximately 2 hive as I said at the very beginning of this post. After purchasing this I also bought 6 green lemons but I didn't take any photo of that.

It seems I bought more than I planned and I paid a little for many items. It means Almighty blessed me with a lots of things with a small amount of money. I spent a little and bought everything I wanted to have. Indeed Friday is a blessed day and I always experience it.

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