I Found Another Sweet Candy And Pop Shop Location

Right on 👍 walking around downtown Sarnia, I found another location of one of me and my wife's favorite store, the wife was at home 🏠🏠 so I went alone to check it out.
It seemed a little smaller than the London location, I might be wrong though 😃
Well let's take a look around👍
The first thing I came across were Magic Fruity Pebbles, I used to eat fruity pebbles when I was a child, my favorite cereal 🥣 when I was a kid was Count Chocola.

And they had all sorts of tyrant drinks like Stalin and others, I tried the Kim Jung-Un one before, it tasted amazing 🤩🤩

They also had Stoner Jesus candy 🍭🍭 these seemed very interesting, I have never tried these before, maybe 🤔🤔 I will on payday.

I also came across some Mr T cereal 🥣 I really liked Mr T when I was young,. I had a Mr T thing that stamped things with Mr T's face on it, it lasted for years

I ended up buying some Chili 🌶️🌶️ cheese Fritos for like 2 bucks, it tasted great, but it was very small, like one of those Halloween trick or treat bags.

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