Spending Friday With Family

My Friday! A Tragic Good Day of the Week

A week has seven days and I am busy throughout the week except Fridays because most of social and programs, activities and festivals are held on Fridays. I would say that it is also a blessing for all working bodies as well. Mostly I spend this day to achieve certain goals of the week with joy and happiness. To me it is also important as I get my pocket money for the whole week every Friday morning.


My Shopping Day (Friday)

I feel extremely enthusiastic when the day comes closer, so I look at my weekly event calendar to check for events and celebrations and try to decide and finalize my day plan for Friday. Today is Friday and I found that there is no any event or celebrations so that I could join. I started thinking what should be the plan for today? Suddenly, an idea floated in my mind, ‘Shopping’ and then I started to sort out the items that I needed, took a pencil and a paper and jotted down the names of items and prepared a list of items such as; tooth brush, shoe polish, laces, razor, comb, some food items, grocery, canned food and juices, some clothing, few cleaning items etc. The list got longer and longer and when finished, suddenly my mind zoomed at the available money. Oh No…. too many items! The budget is low… so what to do? The first idea that clicked to my mind was to share the Shopping idea with my brother and sisters to invite them and raise the shopping budget. I shared the idea with them and was successful to convince them, so all four of us agreed to celebrate the day as ‘The Shopping Day’. The budget raised to an exciting level. After the agreement all re-visited the shopping list and certain new items were added and certain existing items were increased as now this was a ‘Family Shopping’. I felt tremendous excitement. Wow, the fantastic idea!


Cash-N-Carry Departmental Store

The day started and during the breakfast we all discussed to finalize a departmental store for shopping where we could get all items under one roof. My brother introduced a newly opened departmental store named ‘Alamdar Cash-N-Carry’. Since we didn’t visit the store so it was our first visit and everyone agreed to visit the same store. ‘Alamdar Cash-N-Carry’ is a newly opened departmental store and today is Friday so we thought that due to the two reasons we will also be able to save our time as it will not be crowded with people. Normally Fridays are cool and calm days in our city. After breakfast we all got ready to visit the store for shopping, all four of us moved to the store by walk as it was a 15-minutes’ walk to the store. We also decided to do the shopping jointly and will select and collect the items together.

Mistaken Thoughts (situation inside the store)

We reached the store within 15 minutes and as soon as we entered the store we all were astonished and surprised to see the crowd inside. Families, kids, old and young male and females everybody was busy in shopping and there were long ques on the payment counters. We looked at each other thinking about our ‘Mistaken Thoughts, time saving idea flew away... today is Friday, cool and calm day people will be busy in family events and celebrations but the situation was not as we thought… although we were happy to see that all that we had in our list could be seen around, in the shelves, people carrying in the baskets and shoppers, kids and youngsters holding in their hands and people trying and examining near the shelves and corners and counters. That’s nice to see that we will be able to get all that we had in our shopping list.


**Floating Idea to Save Time (handling the situation) **

We all were happy to see the rush and crowd inside the departmental store as it was joyful and a new experience for us while on the other hand we were also thinking of the time, I was free for the whole day while my brother and sisters had to go to their friends for some party and celebrations in the second half of the day. We had no idea on how to start and from where to begin? My younger sister swiftly jumped and whistled loudly. IDEA…. (some people in the crowd started staring at her) three of us were surprisingly looking at her too. After a while we asked her what happened? She said that an idea has floated in my mind that can save our time, we asked her to share. She tabled the idea and said to divide the items and money equally among four of us, one will collect the food items, one will go for grocery items, third will go for cleaning items and forth will be responsible to collect the daily use items. The idea was wonderful so all moved to accomplish the task.


Timely Decision Covered Mistaken Thought

We decided to split and move to the concerned areas and corners to get the shopping done as per the plan and to cover the mistaken thought about saving time, it was decided that all will get together at the payment counter and will move back to home. Since the list of items were long enough while divided in four parts therefore it took around one hour and forty-five minutes to select and collect the items by all four of us. Finally, we succeeded and were cheerful that none of the items were left over as the store was really a wonderful one, ‘All Under One Roof’. Above all the style and system, the sequence of placing the items, the Que styles, the uniformed support staff, the multipurpose baskets, the beautiful shopping carts and the adopted Covid-19 SoPs for health and safety were actually a source of attraction for the customers and I did understand that despite the fact that it was a newly introduced departmental store but the stylishness, arrangement, classification and systematic organization really matters and fascinates.


Thanks for your Precious Time

I am extremely thankful to you for viewing my post since I am a youngster and am in my second year of my Intermediate class, I have made an attempt to fascinate you with the beautiful and attractive images of the Departmental Store named ‘Alamdar Cash-N-Carry’ and share the ‘Friday Shopping Story’ of mine with my family members, as What we thought and What we did (actively and attentively) to cover our Mistaken Thought.
I hope you have enjoyed my Post Images and my ‘Friday Shopping Story’ so I would wish and request you to kindly leave a ‘COMMENT’ and ‘LIKE’ my post so that I could do better post next time. Thank you again for sticking till the end.

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