Market Friday: Cucumber fruit market on street vendors.

Hello everyone, this time I want to share everything with you about the cucumber market in Sigli district, Pidie Regency, Indonesia. This is a relatively popular area of the city market, where there are many stalls selling almost every type and variety, including fruits, vegetables such as peanuts, spices, nuts or even whole eggs! But now I am focused on the cucumber market as it has become somewhat run because of its low demand, offering an amazing choice! What really excites me for the new fruit and vegetable markets here is that no one can predict how these vegetables will work from the first day of planting to harvest (even if they have heard "taste great when to cut").


As shown in the picture above, and also in the picture below, there are lots of cucumbers because these cucumbers are imported from local farmers in the Pidie area, such as Mila, grong grong and tanjong. But in my opinion, this is only a small part of what is grown and sold in markets outside Aceh:
It's good advice to buy your own gardening tools (although some businesses won't care if you use them if they don't have them). Instead, use natural grass.. It's not that hard to stay short of cash when buying so many things at once...
I not only saw cucumbers in this street market, but I also saw peeled and Putek coconuts (Aceh) which in Indonesian is called papaya fruit. It reminds me of my grandmother's family, where she grew up growing food! For a girl like me with so much desire to have more money for education, eating on the road can be fun too.
The old woman sits in the street market and sells cucumbers. As a vegetable, cucumber is commonly used in Indonesian salad blend (gado-gado), Asinan, Urap, Lalap-Lalapan, decorated with rice (fried rice), while in its quality cucumber fruit is plentiful. consumable juices. Cucumber juice is very popular among the residents of Pidie Regency (one of the areas located on the coast of the northern tip of the island of Sumatra, which is the most western province in Indonesia), especially consumed as a drink when you break post or want to drink. She was also highly respected by the soldiers who carried out daily activities and made a living by farming which could be serviced during the war, However, it has recently become widespread among ordinary citizens.

Thanks for watching and reading the post on the market cucumber blog! If there is anything else we can do to help, please. I’ll be back next week with another post about vegetables that don’t make any sense but have a delightful kick in their recipe cards. Also - if it helps anyone... thank you!

Best wishes from me:@safrinasunshine

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