Quality matters not the price alone - My MarketFriday story

Earlier this week I went to the market just to get some foodstuff for the house. Because during the weekend I just want to stay home and do some online activities.


When I got into the market, I remembered I needed to take some photos so I can share my experience on #MarketFriday

I just want to also use this opportunity to say a very big Thank You to @dswigle for creating this concept. This allow us to explore the global market online and to know the situation of the economy globally.

This Market is called OTUOKE MARKET, It is located in Ogbia Local Government Area in Bayelsa State Nigeria. And it's is the major market here in stroke.


Beans and Plantain is one of my favourite meals. So I came here to buy some Plantain. But to my surprise, a bunch of the Plantain cost N500 in Nigeria currency, and converting that to the dollar is almost close to $1. A few months back we used to buy that bunch at half a dollar.

So I had to try bargaining with the seller to see if she can reduce the price for me. But unfortunately, she said that was the last she can sell. It also surprises me that nowadays one can hardly even price anything. Whatever price they give tends to be the last. Well since I needed it, I had to buy it anyway.


After buying the Plantain, I took a little walk around the market to see where I can buy some ingredients I will use in cooking my beans. I came across this shop. Where I got some pepper, onions, crayfish, Maggi, red oil and more. The seller happens to be someone I usually buy stuff from, so she tried to sell at the best price for me.



After buying the stuff I'd use for my cooking, I was about to go home when I saw this shop where they sell some bedspreads, I thought of getting some new ones because I needed to change the ones I have. Looking at and pricing the bedspread, the quality of the bedspread was too low for my likeness, though the price was kind of moderate. But I could afford it because of the quality. So I had to tell the seller that I will get back to her, I could not tell her that it was the quality so she doesn't feel bad.

After I was done, on my way out of the market, some guys selling undies called my attention and said
"Guy, I still have that boxer ohh"

In my mind, I was like, who told him I needed a boxer? Like even if I wanted to get any, it can't be here, or from him. So I walked home, and had my meal prepared.

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