Otuoke Community Market | Market Friday

It's been a long time since I last visited the market, as I often buy already-cooked food or I just buy a few things from the nearby shops in my community. But this week was different because I had a very special visitor around, so I considered buying already-cooked food won't be advisable.

Before I continued sharing my experience, I'd like to say a very big Thank You to @dswigle for this wonderful opportunity to share my experiences on what I saw during my visit to the market. And also to the entire members of the #MarketFriday community, Thank you all so kindly for having me here posting for the first time.

So I decided to follow my friend to the market today just to have some experience and to know how things are going in the market right now. We already listed out our budget on what we are getting and how much we are going to spend on the food items, to my surprise, things didn't turn out as budgeted.


Here Red oil is also known as Palm-oil, which is majorly used to prepare the soup. The first thing that got me was the price of the oil. I remembered a few months ago when I used to get a bottle of red oil at about half a dollar, to my greatest surprise today that same bottle is worth a dollar.


Here we are buying some sweet potatoes for porridge. Well for the price, I think the price of sweet potatoes is still considered okay, as there is not much increase in it.


"Hmm, it's well." So I said. Hearing the price of fish, I was like, so they don't want us to eat fish again right?

The least price for the smallest fish here is $2.

Things have changed, and I didn't know. How are people surviving and living out there, this was the thoughts going through my mind as we continued to walk through the market.


Because of the price of the smoke fish, my friend considered buying the round fish instead of what she wanted to get before. At least the round fish was about half the price of the smoked one, even though it wasn't worth the price. This would be the best alternative to what we were supposed to get.


Coming to some fresh tomatoes 🍅 and pepper 🌶. One piece of that tomato is about N50 in Nigeria currency. A few months back four of it was worth that price.

The way things have changed within the last few months here is unbearable. Making it so challenging for a common man to feed.


The price of a tuber of yam now is just so crazy that a lot of people might not even consider cooking or eating yam again. The least price of yam here is from $3 and above.

My market Friday today was exciting and worth it, cos I have been able to understand how things have drastically changed within a few months.


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