Market Friday - visiting a provision store for buying of Coca cola products

Among all coca cola products fanta happens to be my favorite soft drink, i took it whenever i want to have soft drink, so this evening i was at this store and i bought tow plastic fanta.
One for myself and one for my Friend whom i went with.


The coca cola products was sold a the rate of One hundred and fifty Naira only #150, it was chilled, the store is close to my neighborhood, the owner of the shop said, he had been seeing me for quite some times now in this neighborhood, if i am new here, i told him, i am not new here although it is not up to a year i relocated here.


But i think i have stayed for some months now in this neighborhood.


He said, i can come buy from him more often, of which said i have heard him, to me, he is quite a nice man, as he gave me something like bonus since it my first time visiting his shop.


I told him thank you and off i go, this is #Marketfriday by @dswigle.

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