Jama Masjid Bazaar - An old cultural market in Delhi, India

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As some of you already know that I come from the National Capitol Region (NCR) in India and we have a lot to see around that catches the eye. Today I went to one such place in Delhi. Not some historical monuments but rather a market, one of the oldest markets around the area.

Jama Masjid Bazaar

The Jama Masjid Bazaar is a market in Delhi spread around the famous monument, the Jama Masjid Mosque. This mosque was built in the 17th century, by emperor Shah Jahan and it became one of the most famous monuments in the region, and the market or the bazaar formed around it naturally.

I won't bore you much with the history, but let's see some of the items which you can buy from here.

How about some of the natural perfumes called Attar or Ittar, mostly manufactured with natural extracts from hundreds of plants and other natural sources? Some of the ancient Hindu texts also talks has references to ittars in them which are thousands of years old.

How about some of the traditional Hokkahs? Everyone had Hokkahs with them in Medieval times in India. I vaguely remember reading an excerpt by an early Englishman that people told him they would skip their dinner but won't skip their Hukkah. Well, times have changed and they no longer are in such demand. People have enough ways to intoxicate themselves now. hahaha

This market also has modern forms of attractions too. How about some shiny watches? There were multiple stores/stalls of electronic gadgets too.

Most markets in India have open stalls where people can buy right from the shelf. One such stall was selling women's footwear. Women love to shop doesn't matter which part of the planet they are living in. So, understandably you will see many stalls where you get exclusive girls clothes.

Here are some more examples supporting my claims. xD

Look at those shiny bangles and bracelets. They attract shoppers from far.

And every market has to have some food stalls as well. We call them sevai. They are like rice or wheat noodles. Click on the above link and know more info about them and do let me know what are they called in your country.

As I said earlier it is largely an open market with a lot of variety from food to clothes, shoes, electronics, jewellery etc. You will get many things from a single market.

Let me know what you think of the market and when/if you come to Delhi, would you like to visit here?

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