Holiday Bazaar Friday And A Meet And Greet With Santa

I had a grand bazaar Friday. Earlier was the day to come, one and all to shop, enjoy, bond, and have a lot of fun.

What is more exciting in the bazaar is the idea of #MarketFriday shopping, strolling, dining, Christmas musical, and holiday bonding.

It was a delightful moment to meet and greet Santa at the annual Christmas bazaar of Lifehouse Montessori that happened earlier after work. Perhaps it is a humble way of supporting locals.

At the back of Santa are full of bazaars. There were many young entrepreneurs, business owners, artists, and start-ups displaying products and services.

It was like a reunion to me as I saw a lot of high school friends and schoolmates strolling around the bazaars, and some were the owners of businesses in the community.

But sad to say that it was raining and foggy. So I had a limited time to stroll around to see what was sold by other local sellers at the different stalls.

However, rain or shine, the event continued successfully. It was so exciting to witness many people supporting small businesses and start-ups in the community.

A chance to get a raffle entry and win incredible prizes made my day. Every time anyone buys from any of the merchants, each one is given by the merchant a ticket, so the more one believes in any of the products and services, the more chances of winning.

Honestly, I did not know about the raffle. I was surprised when a merchant gave me a ticket because I had bought a Lettuce wrap at Legit Burger.

It was raining heavily, so I was not able to take a snap of the first thing that I bought at the bazaar. But then, I could purchase a Legit burger and a Lettuce wrap. And it is the yummiest burger in the municipality. Everyone is wondering what makes it the most delicious burger, and all I can say is its secret sauce and total ingredients full of flavors.

Meanwhile, I bumped into my high school classmate. We were both in the unique curriculum for Science way back in High School, and we had been together for four years in the same classroom.

She was selling cakes, pasta, and pastries. And these were some Of the products displayed at the stall.

All the products she was selling were delicious, and I often ordered her homemade and handmade products.

We chitchatted, and afterward, I bought the Christmas pops and the White Oreo Cookies.

The Christmas pops cost 35 pesos each, and the oatmeal cookies cost 50. I bought all the Christmas pops left at the stall and 2 pesos for the cookies.

And then I saw another schoolmate selling holiday cookies And all flavors.

I was delighted to see the Santa gingerbreads and Christmas cookies. Since there were only eight cookies left, I bought all of the cookies and had given a considerable discount.

Each cookie cost 1 dollar, but his wife offered to sell it to me for only 0.18 dollars since I bought them all. She even gave me a free gingerbread cookie in another variant packed in plastic with a Christmas greeting.

When the evening came, I noticed many people entering the bazaar.

However, the ground was so wet, but aside from the bazaar, everybody wanted to witness the Christmas musical by a group of kids and experience the lighting of the Christmas Tree.

All of a sudden, angelic voices were heard by the crowd as the administration lighted the real live Christmas Pine Tree.

Beside the Christmas Tree lies the Christmas Belen with pines on the inside covering the manger.

It was fantastic to hear sweet voices singing Christmas songs through a voice blending.

And most of all, my favorite part was the Bake and lay accessories.

Most of the products were marketed in the bazaar by the merchant for 10 dollars, and the cheapest one, including the minor pairs, was sold at 2 dollars.

They were expensive, but I bought four pairs of them. I had purchased the studs and the dangling earrings in white daisies and sunflowers.

I wanted to explore and discover other things at the bazaar, but my shoes were soaked well with water and mud, so I decided to go home earlier because it was so cold to stay outside, and I had not worn any thick covering.

The Holiday Bazaar does not end today, but there is more to expect tomorrow on a Saturday. The doors open at 9 a.m., and everyone is welcome to join and enjoy the holiday bonding. There are more to display as the youth will have a cosplay appearance, fireworks display, and karaoke night during the evening.

Perhaps it was a great day to shop, dine, bond, stroll, and enjoy at the bazaar, plus a meet and greet with a live Santa. I wish to join for more annual holiday celebrations, which were priceless.

Disclaimer: All texts and pictures are my own unless otherwise stated.

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