Meat and Yam from Obada Market

My entry to #marketfriday by @dswigle

A welcome sign to Obada market. Location is Awolowo way Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.

Here are some tubers of yam. I need to confess that i love yam especially when it comes with egg sauce. A tuber of yam now is within NGN1,400 which is about $1.8. I intended to buy about ten tubers to stock until Christmas.

However I ended up buy just three tubers. I will have to go back at the end of the month when November salary has been paid. Then I will get as much tubers as I need now till new year

Meat is known as a major source of protein. Therefore it is recommended to be included in meals to have a balanced diet. This is in a case where there is carbohydrates and vitamins in place. Red meat as it is popularly called by my doctor friend is now expensive. one Kg of red meat or beef is presntly at NGN3,800 which is $4.9 which is not a fixed price. This is more expensive than the last time I bougt it. It is well known that the christmas holiday is approaching and therefore things will become more expesive as we move closer to Christmas.

A signbourd saying a goodbye to obada market Ikeja.

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