Getting a car Battery

My entry to marketfriday by @dswigle.

Car battery is a very important part for every car and without it no car's ignition will start. When cars are parked in along the road some people tend to look for ways to open the bonnet and steal the car battery. Every car parked along the road is in risk of this situation. Even some cars parked in from of your compound. This was my case on Wednesday. My car battery got stolen and I had to use the public transport to work on Thursday and today Friday I decided to visit medical road at Ikeja. The name of the road has nothing to do with hospital anyway. It is a market with different shops where they sell batteries, tyres, bicycles, phones, food among other items

The batteries comes with diverse prices depending on the make. Most times the maker of a product determines the prices of such products.

I believe in quality and not quantity but if quality comes with quantity that is a bonus. I ended up buying Bosch battery for NGN53,000 which is about $121.39. There are other products with different prices depending on the voltage as well as the ampere per hour. However, I will just share what I got and not discriminate or condemn other product.
What I got was Bosch battery 12v/100ah.

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