Market Friday: Craving Pepper soup.

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My sister in-law was craving catfish pepper soup for dinner so she called and asked me to help get the ingredients and prepare them, since there was no way to get the ingredients close to home, I had to go to the market. On the way there, there was traffic and it turns out they were reparing the road so everyone had to take 'One-way' hence the holdup.

I don't like live fishes but I had fun taking these pictures šŸ˜…

I got to the market and went to get catfish first, the fishes I saw were small in size and expensive, they said one fish is sold for 1,600 Naira ($3.64) but I know sellers here would always double the amount so I priced it down to 800 Naira ($1.82) and surprisingly the seller agreed after a while. I bought three catfish which is 2,400 Naira ($5.46), I went on to get pepper of 200 Naira ($0.46) while buying the pepper I saw a lady selling boiled corn and I've been craving it for a some days so I got two, 150 Naira ($0.34) each, I got pepper soup spice and scent leaf (a special leaf used in pepper soup and other Nigerian dishes), took a bike from the market home at 250 Naira ($0.57) instead of 150 Naira ($0.34) because of the road.

I love the color and freshness of this corn.


Different spices

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