Stores for sport wears and boots

Hello Hiveians

Sport wears are some of the most expensive items you find around because of the names of players and clubs that are embedded in these clothes, they can decide to sell these clothes at any amount.
For instance during the FIFA world cup sometimes back I remember when they were selling the Nigerian customized sport wear for as high as
$40 which is 15000 Nigerian naira to fans. Local people had to mimic that original customized ones into less quality price in order to make something similar that people can be able to afford.



In view of these, we also have stores for fairly used sport wears and boots. This very store is located at tipper garage area of Ilorin city and you can purchase sport boots for as low as $10.
Local clubs and football or sport lovers come around to purchase their needed sport wears.





In any case you come around town looking for where to get sporting materials, here is a easy to locate store that has all you need.

Thanks for stopping by, its market Friday and time to go shopping