Reasons why you should shop from large pharmaceutical stores... Quality is guaranteed

Hello Hive

Shopping for quality products should be our major priority especially when it comes to drugs, food and drinks.
Knowing the havoc fake and expired products can cause our system, I have come to realize that it is ultimate to beware of the things we buy and where we make such purchases.

I have had encountered with expired products and drugs in smaller stores who do not know how to market the products well and end up stacking drugs, provisions and stationeries for years without selling them out, once I make a purchase the first thing that comes to mind is the expiry or best before date.

I needed some supply of new drugs to treat myself of an ongoing infection and decided to take a tour to this large pharmacy in Ilorin.

I bought these drugs
Augument to treat myself of septicemia
And hemoglobin, blood syrup to boost my blood level thereafter.
Both drugs cost me about $16.

Checking the expiry date and all other criteria tells me that large pharmacies like this will never sell fake, expired or substandard drugs.

These are some of the major reasons.

  • Products are stored in the most neat and friendly environment
  • Regular routine to remove expired drugs from shells
  • Government Approval and NAFDAC certification is giving both for good sold and the ones produced here.

Beverages and provisions sold here are also of high quality and standard, properly stored and protected from damage.
You can get quality snacks and consumables here too.

The environment is a highly clean and well organized space

I am really glad I came here to shop for my drugs.
Most of the times i am constantly susceptible to infection because of my health condition and standard of living (the environment is not too clean enough ) but am saving up already and working out my way to move to a cleaner house and healthier environment.

The least we can for chemist and smaller stores is to advise them to improve on their marketing strategies so that they can also sell their products before the expire, that way they can still stay relevant and make profits from the market.

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