Market Fridays: Shopping at a Herbal Shop

Good day everyone, I'm so excited to have joined this beautiful community #Market Friday, so it's fun making my first post here today.

I am a trader and a Herbal Consultant. I help people to live healthier through herbal remedies. This I do daily going about sourcing effective herbs prepared in tea formula.

Today, I entered one of those Herbal Shops to check what they have. I have an order placed by one of my customers. He needs herbal tea for Malaria and typhoid fever.

As you may know, most bacterial infections are resistant to antibiotics. So treatment of these ailments mentioned above using antibiotics require taking them repeatedly. This is where herbal remedies prepared hygienically become a sort after option especially in my area the Eastern part of Nigeria.

Tropical Herbal Tea Products

Tropical Herbal Tea products have become one of the most effective herbal remedies for bacterial infections. I have been partnering them for years now. At this instance, the herbal tea for my customer's need is called Anti-Malaria and Anti-Typhoid. See the image below:


So they were packaged in a black nylon fabric for delivery. This is what I do everyday, I enjoy it very much because when a sick person is helped to recover naturally, the effects last longer than when used antibiotics.

Marketing the herbal products of Tropical Tea and Herbs Limited is a good business, I tell you for truth. The reason is not far fetched, it works very effectively and efficiently, the products are 100% natural. No product contains anything caffeine nor does any have processed sugar. No chemical contents are added but they are all PURE HERBAL SOLUTIONS. No wonder customers refer others to buy. Can you see why the market moves?

Moreover, you make good profits selling these herbal products in Tea formula. I am personally training distributors to succeed in making themselves visible online.

In case you are interested, reach out to me on Whatsapp: +2347087799339. HAVE A PLAN B.

As a Herbal Consultant, people come to me for assistance to care for their health. It is something I inherited from my late father whose family have a record of knowing what leaves, roots and fruits that heal one sickness or the other. So from childhood, I formed the desire to care for people's lives.

Thank you for coming over to my blog.

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