At the market.

It's market Friday guys❤️.

I went to the market, to get some ingredients for cooking, and decide to take some snaps

It was fun doing this, tho I was been stare at when I did. i could hear a woman say what's she doing, when I took a pictures of the fish she is selling on her tray, when I want to get myself a fish to cook.

Ondo city, Nigeria is quite a big market, you will get everything you want here.

I bought vegetables, tomatoes, melon, cowskin and lot of ingredients I need for cooking, and took some snaps of it before I left .

This woman actually lure me in buying crayfish from her, after I bought some ingredients from the person beside her 😂. I have no choice than to patronize her, because she is customer friendly and nice. She add a a big quantity of crayfish to the one I bought. I am sure next time I am in need of crayfish, I will patronize her.

I couldn't believe things are expensive now, because it's been long I went to the market to buy things. I was amazed at how some ingredients have increases by prices, that I couldn't buy everything I plan to buy, because my budget didn't reach it.

It was nice going to the market, tho I was scorched by sun😂.

Okay, everyone to the next market visit😂.

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