“Market Friday” ~ Today in MÁLAGA, Spain 🇪🇸 And how I spend $10,-

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For my next post in your community this Friday for the #MarketFriday by @dswigle - Denise. I will take you along on my business trip to Málaga in sunny southern Spain 🇪🇸 ☀️
I just returned home so all photos are still fresh 😉
I went out for lunch and came past the covered market in Málaga city and thought: THAT’S IT.

Ataranzanas Central Market ~ Mercado Central de Atarazanas!


You have to see this market and I have a little time to take some photographs. Let me show you around and give you the prices of produce, meat, fish and many more things.

‼️If you want to know more about #MarketFriday’s have a look At this post about it from @dswigle you find also the rules what to post.

So today is 03 June 2022. All photographs are taken with my iPhone. 😊

The Market is located on Google maps at the yellow star ⭐️: in the centre of Málaga, Spain 🇪🇸

More information about it can be found In the following website!

It states:
”The Atarazanas market is in the place where the Nasrid shipyards stood until the 14th Century and which, after the Christian conquest of the city, were used for storage and as an arsenal, military hospital and barracks.

In 1868, the Revolutionary Council applied for their demolition to give work "to the poorer classes," although this did not take place until 1870. That year, the municipal architect Joaquín Rucoba won approval for a new market to be built on the site that, subsequently, was known as Alfonso XII Market.

Thanks to the intercession of the Academia de Bellas Artes de San Telmo (San Telmo's Academy of Fine Arts), the ancient monumental door of the old shipyards was saved and transferred to the centre of the main façade of the new building, which, in an exercise in accordance with the pre-existing work, Rucoba designed in neo-Arab style, although using a great deal of glass and iron.

This ensured that, although almost all of the old Muslim construction disappeared, Málaga was given a suitable and necessary market building and one of the city's best examples of 19th century architecture. The market opened its doors to the public in 1879. The building was renovated between 2008 and 2010, in order to recover its original design.”

Next, I needed to know this first…
To see how much $10 US dollar is in EUROS.
I looked at xe.com and took the following screenshot:

So it would give me €9.32 euros, as I live in Spain.

AS….. 🤓 I had done a similar post already with this topic.
How much groceries I could buy in 2 different supermarkets (a cheaper and a more expensive one) in South Spain for 10 HBD.
I didn’t want to repeat myself now… and made this post different, with a twist at the end hahaha 😋

To see this post click: The value of HBD in 2 South Spanish Supermarkets 🇪🇸

The outside facade and the glass stained window: 🥰
I walked quickly to a side entrance and this was my view.

Through the market on the other side we see the stained window the text from the website refers to. How wonderful 🥰

A little bit more from the side of the building.

I sneaked in an earlier photo of mine from a little while ago 3 February 2022. Less busy… 😉

Now let’s go inside… you must think by now… ; show me 🤓😎

I walk past the vegetables, fruits and spices first.

This time… we see prices in this covered market. Remember my post from Sevilla Market. It didn’t have prices.
These are euros for a kilo of produce.
What I see right away, they are quite good prices and lower than the ones where I live. About an hour and a half drive away… 😉

Watermelon €2,50 euros for a kilo is not bad at all.

Some more fruits… nicely presented.
The avocados are so cheap here, just €2,95 euros for a kilo. My area is €4,50 euros for a kilo of avocados 🥑 (wished I lived closer by)

Dried fruits… they are expensive.
Like the cranberries €3,50 euros for 1/4 kilo.

A bigger view while I wander through the aisles.

Another fruit and vegetable vendor.

Herbs and spices…

1 roll of laurel /bay leaves €1 euros, curry madras €3,75 euros for 1/4 kilo, little box of dried chillis €1 euros.

Let’s look at the meat next…

The aisles are less busy here and not many stalls are open.

Hamburgers /beef you could get for €12,95 a kilo.

I walk further and see the stained window from the inside.
Let’s take a few photographs:

Closer by.

Next I reach the Fish section:

This vendor’s products look really nice and fresh.
You can get Rosada (a pink fish similar to cod) for €14,90 a kilo, cooked octopus €39,90 a kilo, meiluta roe €16 euros a kilo, squid for €25,99 a kilo.

Next stall.
The doradas - sea bream you get for €18,90 a kilo.

Next stall has some boquerones fresco - fresh anchovies for €3 euros a kilo

We see also shell fish and other delicacies but no prices. 😎

I pass by…
Some pastry… the chocolate brownie looks great for €1,20 euros 🥰

But o my… I see the time… I have to go back quickly 🤓😉💃🏻 Off I go.
Passing the terraces on the outside:

But wait… my post doesn’t end here 😉😁
After I finished my business meetings, hubby picked me up and we went to the port, where he had parked. 😎

We couldn’t go without buying something special… 🤩 nope we sure couldn’t go yet.

So what did we do next?
As it was rather warm and sunny today, 26 degrees Celsius we went and got some…

Tadaaaaa 🤩

Ice cream 🍨 I chose this one 🥰🥰🥰 of course chocolate ice cream and rocher and white kinder chocolate ice cream and nuts and whipped cream and and and hahaha a cookie 🍪 😉🥰

View… of the ice creams.

To the right of me the view towards Málaga centre. Behind the park 🌴🌳🌴🌳🌴

View left.

In front of me the port: Muelle Uno of Málaga.

The bill:
See… chocoadict yep that’s me hahaha 🤣 😎😉💃🏻

I spend €8,80 euros, what is about $9,43 US dollars.
So I came very close to $10 dollars Denise asked us. 😎😉😁 hope this will do 🤓


On the way to the parking… we saw this ice cream. 🤣😂

And some cute recycling bins for glass:



Getting the younger generation enthusiastic 🤩
Very cool… 😎

That’s all for today’s #MarketFriday post. Until the next one! 👋🏻😎 are you joining me again? 😉💃🏻
Hope you enjoyed my photos of the market in Málaga.
Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻
Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Friday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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