Food Bazaar at Ibaloy Heritage Park

I have read about this food bazaar in social media that is happening at Ibaloy Heritage Park at the moment but will end tomorrow, July 17, 2022.

I think it was some weeks ago when I read about that but I kept pushing back going to the said place because it always rain here every day especially just before lunchtime and I know that the condition of the Park is not that great for they have kept it as is. They only built a concrete structure in the middle of it to act as stage when there are certain activities.

Ibaloys/Ibalois are one of the early settlers of the province of Benguet. Their language is also called Ibaloi. The term Ibaloi was derived from the word "baloi" meaning house. The "I" is added to indicate someone from like for this instance "Ibaloi" means literally "from the house" or someone from the house or lives in a house.

For more reading, you can check this page.

We decided to go to the Food Bazaar at Ibaloy Heritage Park because of one thing - food. I am curious as to what they were displaying there. It is a food bazaar so that is what I am expecting obviously.

When we arrived at the Ibaloy Heritage Park, my instinct was right. The place is muddy and wet. One had to be careful where to step because water seeps through the ground. I should have worn something else like rubber boots or rain boots. Anyway, we were too early for there were only a few shops open.

Directly left to the entrance is this shop that sells souvenirs and, clothes, dreamcatchers, etc. No food there. Notice the tarp laid out in front of the shop? That is helpful to protect clients from getting muddied.

This is one of the stalls that was open at that time. Let met get back to that later. Most of the stalls were closed still while some were just setting up. There were familiar stalls there.

Blak n Wyte is a cafe here in the city. I have heard about it and have tried some of their cakes but I have never been to the their cafe yet. Let's just say I was not that too keen about their cakes that I have tasted so far.

I am not familiar with GAVeCo but I know Atokape for these are coffee from Atok. Atok is another town here in the province of Benguet. Kape is our word for coffee. Thus naming a coffee coming from their place as Atokape is befitting.

This is a popular brand that makes turmeric tea. I have tried this brand before. I would just add cinnamon powder to my turmeric tea. Sometimes I'd add honey too. Sometimes I would add turmeric to my coffee too. However, since I got used to coffee, I haven't gone back to drinking this.

While we were still at a distance to the park, we have been hearing about a program going on there. We could not see the stage right away because of the tents set up in front of it. When we got behind the tents, that's when I realized that there is a dog fashion show that I also read about online. I'm not sure if this was the fashion show event or it was another dog event. There were only a few people there. The audience is not that big. I don't see that many dogs too.

I think these were the organizers or sponsors of the said event or probably a business setting up shop.

We didn't stay to see what was the show all about.

In the center of the park is this landscape depicting traditional houses or huts. I'm not sure what was the cave-like structure that was there. Maybe a fountain.

Honestly, we went there to eat. We haven't had breakfast yet but we were disappointed with what we saw. We then decided to the nearest restaurant that we like to go to.

Before exiting, however, I decided to buy bread and pastries at the bread stall.

I am tempted to buy one of each of their stuff there but I settled for banana bread topped with cranberries and walnuts which costs PHP200.00 (USD3.55) and two ensaymadas one topped with ube spread and the other caramel with peanuts each at PHP50.00 (USD0.89). Their multigrain loaf looks so good too.

This is the path leading to the Food Bazaar at Ibaloy Heritage Park. One had to wear the proper footgear when going there.

This is the caramel ensaymada. We were famished when we got to Good Taste that's why we ate this while waiting for our order. I almost forgot to take a photo of it and I remembered when I already halved mine. My partner had the ube while I had this caramel. They are so good and not that sweet. The bread itself is soft, like almost moist, a tiny bit chewy even. It is topped with shredded cheddar cheese and then the caramel and peanuts or was it almonds? So, so good! I couldn't wait to taste the banana bread.

We ordered Good Taste Rice which consists of mixed highland vegetables (by this time I have already eaten almost all of it) like cabbage, beans, carrots, capsicum, etc. There two slices of char sui (which I'm not a fan of), two little chunks of crispy fried pork, fried chicken, a cup of rice which is topped with egg. I have to on my plate because my partner doesn't want the egg. I can't complain. I have to eggs, the left and the right :D Then we shared with the plate of fried pork/shrimp siomai. I had mine over a cup of coffee with milk. It is only here in this restaurant that I like their half-half coffee and almost always I get lightheaded or dizzy when I drink their coffee.

There goes more photos of the siomai. I don't like the dip though. I think it is soy sauce, onions and something else that tastes like the char sui I had in plate.

When we got home and rested, I then took photos of the banana bread and of course ate some.

They have their address and contact number there. I have to save this for future use. I should have asked the girls managing the stall earlier if they have physical store or outlets around town that we can buy their products from.

The bread comes in tin pan and in a plastic packaged. Upon opening it, I smelled it right away and it was heaven. You can smell the sugary and berry aroma already plus the banana bread itself.

I just love how shiny the toppings are and looking so delicious. That's a beautiful texture right there. The top is packed with these walnuts and cranberries.

For someone who likes nuts with cranberry in it and then on top of a banana bread which I also love, this is an instant favorite.

The banana bread itself is enough to make you desire for more. It is soft and moist. It is tasty and deliciously aromatic. The walnuts and cranberries are like giveaways. Every bite of this is a trip in taste and texture.

I then posted this photo below to my social media and tagged JoHec's page. They commented right away thanking me for supporting local products. I checked their page and they are making cakes so this is definitely a must try. I am impressed with their banana bread and ensaymada alone so hopefully their cakes will not disappoint.

I stated in the beginning that I was disappointed that there were not that much food at Food Bazaar at Ibaloy Heritage Park but in the end I got so much more than I had expected. Sometimes we have to go ahead and try certain things to really know if it is something we are going to like or not.

Let us keep supporting local products. This is how we grow as a community.

This is my entry for this week's #MarketFriday which is hosted by @dswigle.

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