Market Friday: The Everyday Market

It's Friday again and it's time to show our market tour. Let's go!

The market I visited is commonly known as "everyday market" and that's because it runs daily and has no restrictions. People make use of the Market to get their daily food items. Its location is not far from my street, so it's always advantageous to me(I don't need to pay a transport fair)

First of all, I'm a bachelor and I like eating home meal food, cooking is less expensive to buying food from restaurants, so I love to cook for myself always.

I took a walk to a nearby market to get some food items which I'll use in preparing okra soup.

Where I bought okra

The okro looks so fresh and I couldn't resist it, so I stopped by and bought. The spot was owned by a young lady with children.


I bought some Crayfish here, they were a bit high in price but I made sure I haggled it down to my own price🤗

Fresh fish spot

This was where I bought a bigger fish. As you can see on the photo, the woman is selling almost everything on the table, she has fish, fresh Pepper and tomatoes, okra, onions and yam(yam was not covered on this photo). I know that if she sees opportunity to be selling clothes, she would do that on same table. Lol😂.
I bought only fish from there and left.

I entered this spot to buy things like dried pepper, seasoning cubes, etc.
The woman has a lot of things lined up on her table, she has rice, beans, groundnut oil, palm oil, melon, etc.

Finally, there are some soups I can't prepare without adding pumpkin leaf. I moved straight to the spot that has the freshest of pumpkin leaf and bought a good quantity.

I prepared the food within 1hour when I got home. The food tasted well and I had sweat all over me when I was tell you how delicious it is.

Feel free to write yours, check @dswigle article to get more info

Thanks for reading this🥰

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