Market Friday: I went For fish and Pepper

Greetings to this part of the world! I'm sure you're having bthr best of the weekend. Keep enjoying 👍.

This is my first time writing here and I'm glad about it. Also, it's the MarketFriday of the week hosted by @dswigle

I checked through my gallery and saw some photos I had snapped some weeks ago when I went to a local Market close to my house to get food items.
Honestly, I just felt like snapping that day because I haven't joined this platform then... so it's more like useless, but here am I using the pictures🤗.

Okay, I'm a guy that loves to utilize the kitchen in cooking real food, yes I love eating real cooked food and not junks. I love going to the market to get some fresh items such as pepper, pumpkin fish etc., to treat myself with a good meal.

This very day, I entered the market to get fish and dried grinded pepper. Immediately I entered the market environment, the market women where calling and beckoning on me to patronize them... they do this as their trading skills to "enchant" customers. Sometimes you may end up buying the things you didn't budgeted for🤗.

This was the place I bought fish, I went for the smoked fish because it suits what I prepared that day. The price haggling took us some minutes and I paid after the woman succumbed to my price.
The picture was taken afar so as not to capture the trader, some people don't like to be captured, so I was being careful to avoid embarrassment🤦.

I moved from there to the next spot that I bought dry grinded pepper. The pepper was tied in different quantities with varying price tags. I got the particular quantity that I want and left to prepare my food.

The market is a small one and crowd is not always seen unless it's a major market day.

I wish I snapped a lot of photos that day, but there's no issue, there's always a next time.

Thanks for reading 💝
All photos are originally mine💯

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